Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Big Tent 2009 North Fife

The Big Tent, Falkland North Fife isn't just about music, sustainable living, alternative ways, its about becoming aware, about being happy and creating positive change. More on the event tomorrow and the next day.
This Year 2010

Tom Provost discusses burr elm.

Woodwork crafts Zone.

John Hodgson Woodworks.

Don Abbott and Michaela Huber displays.

Design Gallery.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Bombs away, a perennial wish of all into nuclear disarmament.

The Big Shed. A proposed development on Loch Tay to serve the surrounding communities.

Rasta man.

Inclusive reggae roots music at The Big Tent.

Happy visitors from the far north and a wee bit south enjoying lightish refreshment at the Big Tent Falkland North Fife.

Falkland in Bloom.

Sustainable communities initiatives,

The Fife Diet is a local eating experiment which aims to re-think the way we grow, shop and eat our food.

Fife Cycleways. 300 miles of cycle route along quiet country lanes, disused railway lines and forest tracks as well as commuter routes in towns. Fife has it all. Castles, beautiful coastline and beaches, historic fishing villages and gently rolling countryside for biking.

What is really good about the Big Tent event is the space and availability of good quality food, relaxed happy others.

Cairno'Mohr fruit wine, in a word brilliant. As the day went on a need for refreshment occured, one couldn't do much better than to imbibe a glass or three of these wines. I prefer red but there are many to choose from. It is happy happenstance that Errol is but 4 miles across The River Tay from my home in North Fife. Cheers.

Not every ones cup of tea but there you go.

Trees For Life, replanting the Caledonian Forest. Conservation week Enquiry Line. 0845 6027386

Quality organic food enjoyed by many.

Pillars of Hercules organic farm and shop.

Permaculture and Scottish Prehistoric Sites

Linlithgo Climate Change.

Scottish Ecological Design Association.

The book of inspiration.

The book of inspiration on a poignant appeal.

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