Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Wee Book of Kalvin North Fife

Today I joined my friend Harvey Holton to explore a project called Joint Vision. The product will be Exhibitions and publications of mixed media and hopefully intergrated into 1mile2, a three year global arts project. Anyway, Harvey had a copy of the book below. I opened at random to one page headed, "Mean". It said, He could even peel an orange in his pocket, it reminded me of a Alexander Stevenson.

The Wee Book of Calvin. This a true original and everyone in your family should have one beside their bedside candle (before accidently burning the cottage down).We need Bill Duncan and I hope he will take this book and preach with it far and wide and beyond the wild borders of Carnoustie.

Next time you glance at those prissy little books at the counter remember Arbroath on a dreich day. You will feel better for feeling worse.The Wee Book of Calvin: Air-Kissing in the North-East

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