Thursday, March 27, 2014

Higham Wood North Fife

Higham Wood North Fife, North facing at Ballinbreich. A wonderful stand of mainly Beech and Ash trees, providing shelter to roe deer, buzzards and badgers. I drive by daily and covet the thousands of self seeded saplings which are ideal log sized fuel for my domestic wood burning stove.

 Opposite lie the remains of Ballinbreich Castle.  More.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This is a very likely aid to lift you out of that hole, Manufactured by a reputable UK supplier to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) under license (Pharmaceutical Quality) Studies have shown that the use of 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) may help to promote healthy levels of the brain chemical called Serotonin. Imbalances or low levels of Serotonin may be responsible for Mood disorders, Sleep disturbance, Depression, Anxiety, Migraine headaches and an increase in appetite, or a craving for foods that are high in carbohydrates and fats, as the body tries to increase its Serotonin levels naturally. Our 5-HTP is extracted from the Griffonia Simplicifolia seed, using a specially developed process that retains as much of the active components of 5-HTP as possible. It is then compressed into an easy to swallow capsule, and each one provides 100mg of 5-HTP. Premium Quality 5HTP that is Excellent Value for Money.

Most of my life I have suffered intermittently from depression,. A human condition that affects many of us. The causes can be manifold, to induce hormonal balance is a blessing. If you are a S.A.D. sufferer or just miserable then an influx serotonin will probably lift you into that magic space of being happy... sleeping well too.
I've just bought some on Amazon
All Natural 5-HTP. 120 x 100mg High Strength Capsules. GMP Manufactured, Premium Quality & Excellent Value at only £13.99 With FREE delivery on all UK orders
If you are stuck in gloom and doom, I would suggest you give it a try.

Tayviews North Fife March 2014

 8th of March a storm approaches off the West.

 16th occasional rays of sunlight beam down.

 23rd, the air quality is clear though in shadow giving good sight of the Perthshire hills slightly sprinkled with snow.

 24th A bright, clear sunny day, blue skies, snow covered hills in Perthshire, a deep breath feeling good to be alive.
Mugdrum Island mid Tay off  Newburgh North Fife, mostly reed beds but with some pasture. The Island once supported a working farm and house and later for many years cattle were taken across by boat from Newburgh, called the iron duke .... I think it sank.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Losar Tibetan New Year Wood Horse

Tashi Delek,
Today is New year in the Tibetan Tradition, New Moon. a fresh start. The year of the Wooden Horse.
I am happy today to have been gifted this book, The Heart is Noble by HH 17th Karmapa. Already I know that my life is transforming, you too can benefit by the wisdom shared in this book.
If you are inspired to take up his challenge, the Karmapa offers a path for participating in a global community that is based on compassion. In these chapters, he shares his vision for bringing social action into daily life, on a scale we can realistically manage through the choices we make every day what to buy, what to eat, and how to relate honestly and bravely with our friends and family and co-workers. His fresh and encouraging perspective shows us that we have the strength to live with kindness in the midst of the many challenges we face as socially and environmentally conscious beings. Because he sees the world through the lens of the interdependence of all beings, he sees that humans can change social and environmental problems by changing their attitudes and actions. And so, he shows ways that we can change our world by changing ourselves—by examining our own habits of consumption and by being willing to look into how our food reaches our table and how the products we buy are made. In his chapter on gender, he points out that we don’t have to label others according to a social construct.
If his viewpoint seems optimistic, it is—and it’s also demanding. The Karmapa calls on us to open our mind and heart to the innumerable connections we share with others—in our families, communities, social systems, and on our planet. Thanks to the depth of his spiritual training, and the breadth of his curiosity about the world and his love for it, he presents a relevant framework for understanding what it means to be human now—and why it’s imperative that we concern ourselves with the well-being of all others. He points to a world we can create through our own effort, using a resource we already have in abundance—the basic nobility of our human heart.

I have started to read it, it's a must for sentient beings, it really is.

Treat yourself and others
The Heart Is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out