Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Potatoes North Fife

Potatoes North Fife, a field near my home, one of many growing potatoes this year, some obviously for seed where several varieties are growing in the same plot. Generally this year is turning out to be a wonderfully productive one, good sunshine, enough night time rainfall, who could ask for anything more.

Potato flowers indicate that they're a member of the the deadly nightshade family which as you might know is poisonous, other members are tomatoes and aubergine. Strange that different parts of a plant can nurture or kill.There is a movement to introduce sprouted seeds into salad foods, good but not if parsnip is chosen.
Five a day is good, be wary of the sixth.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mike & Sam McCaw Artists

Mike and Sam McCaw, antipodean visiting artists from Australia. Each revelling in the rich diversity of subject matter available in Scotland. Mike, an enthusiastic exponent of the pinhole camera seen here with his carbon fibre example. Mike gave a very interesting and informative talk on the ancient history and use of the device. Used by artists throughout time.

Each image is a one off, shot onto auto reversal paper and is unique. Exposure time varies, an average being around 20 to 30 mins.

Sam McCaw, multi media artist in the Steeple Studio, busy, behind, a drawing and surrounded by collected impressions for future use back home in Australia.
Other works can be viewed on

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sunset North Fife 25th July 2014

North Fife sunset over the river Tay last night on my way home at 10-22pm, after a delightful exhibition opening at The Steeple Arts complex. More of that in the next post. Right now the whole of  the UK is basking in wonderful weather conditions...almost too hot for comfort.

I never cease to enjoy these sights.That colour, the graphic elements....mmmmm. Stillness, warmth, you might know...that good feeling....... just happy to be alive.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Barley harvest Parkhill North Fife

Barley harvest Parkhill North Fife. Two days ago I noticed that this field was looking ready and sure enough today in perfect weather conditions the combine was busy, might even finish tonight.

From earlier observation it has looked to be an exceptional product, even the the straw remains. Very early too.In my time, Beginning of August is early.

Wood Pigeon North Fife

Wood Pigeon North Fife, every year there are pigeons nesting in the garden, a mixed blessing, I enjoy to hear them but they attack freshly sprouted vegetables, usually going for the growing tips rendering a total loss.This one pictured at 9-00 pm yesterday in the setting sun has decided to build a nest just 3 metres from the kitchen window. Normally skittish birds, I'm happy they feel secure to be acting thus.

Monday, July 21, 2014

North Fife July 20th

Another lovely day, intermittent cloud and sunshine, warm too.

Along the wayside brambles abound promising rich pickings when ripened.
Wild Scabious flower, there are various clusters dotted along my way to and from Newburgh, it's a very attractive flower to nectar and pollen eating insects too.
A few hours later, the sun began to dip below the horizon...the end of another day...mmmmm

Then that was me...zzzzzzzzz

Friday, July 18, 2014

Field Peas North Fife

Today, a very pleasant mainly sunny 20c looking over the River Tay. Behind me is a fantastic growth of peas, acres and acres of them. all in all it promises to be a good year for arable production subject to continuation of clement weather.

A mass of flowers, tendrils and nascent podded peas supporting each other. When I grow peas, support is needed, the growth being taller. Harvesting field peas is very time specific, cropped and podded when young and tender, immediately and frozen. Alternatively left longer until the moisture content is lower.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Tayview 13th July

Tayview from Flisk, I love the cloud colours and formation. In the foreground a field of seed potatoes.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

River Tay Sunset July 10th

Sunset over The River Tay North Fife 10th July 10.15pm. A long sunny day of 16 hours sunshine as recorded at Leuchars. Even caught some of it myself transforming my vapid skin tone to a rosy glow.

Earlier in the garden.
Rosebay Willow Herb, a wild flower which is the food plant of the Elephant Hawk Moth, regarded as a weed, I'm happy to have a stand of it for the benefit of the moths.
A lovely plump female Elephant Hawk Moth caught feeding on Valerian flowers and later released.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Sunrise Flisk North Fife July 7th

At this time of the year night time is short. Last night as I lay in bed there were some really beautiful cloud formations and I havered over getting up and recording the spectacle, with regret I remained and fell asleep.
A few hours later I awoke to another wonderful sky, by the time I was clothed and outside it had changed of course but it was fabulous light anyway.

Looking NE the sun rising over Dundee.

 Looking North over The River Tay and exposed sand banks.

Hedge Parsley and Daisies in the morning light, the parsley crawling with beetles feeding on the pollen.
These photographs were taken over 5 minuets at 04.50 ... 0455 BST . I might get up early again as the light though quickly changing has a more interesting quality.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Barley Parkhill Farm North Fife

A field of Barley Parkhill Farm Newburgh North Fife today 5th July. To my eye it looks an exceptionally dense planting, vibrant and healthy. Maybe winter sown. The heads of grain hang down when fully ripe.

16 days later on 20th July ....Ripening.
Fields of wheat and oilseed rape along side the River Tay today. So far it's turning out to be a brilliant year for arable growth, how it will be at harvest time might be another story. Lets wish for the best.

July 4th North Fife

July 4th North Fife. Independence day in America. Meanwhile wars rage in many parts of the world, some the consequence of prior American and British  intervention, millions of people displaced, hundreds of thousands of civilians killed. Massive human suffering caused by geopolitics and religious vying for domination. It is very saddening, what is there to celebrate?

 The moon follows the sun as night follows day. Some things never change.

Hay Bales North Fife

A good crop of quality hay, cut and dried over a few perfect days and now baled at Parkhill Farm Newburgh North Fife