Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween October 31st 2011

Halloween as celebrated in the Co-op store Newburgh, North Fife. A fun day taken with much enthusiasm as click last year here with the spirits.

The Devilish Elenor.

With her tail between her legs.

Customers get served along the way.

Another event is Valentines Day Feb 14th, imagine bunches of Mistletoe hung strategically throughout the store, a local snog-in much loved by all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Skies over the River Tay North Fife Oct 25th

Another wonderful sky over the River Tay North Fife.

Closer in over Newburgh.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

SS1 four seat tourer

SS1 a much loved heap in my misspent youth. SS Cars Ltd was a British car maker. It grew out of the Swallow Sidecar Company and was first registered under the new name in 1934. The first of the SS range of cars available to the public was the 1932 SSI with 2 or 2½-litre side-valve, six-cylinder engine and the SSII with a four-cylinder 1-litre side-valve engine. Initially available as coupĂ© or tourer a saloon was added in 1934 when the chassis was modified to be 2 inches (50 mm) wider. I owned an SS2 before the SS1, quite primitive compared to modern cars and even in my ownership I felt the need to upgrade the engines, the SS2 gained a OHV engine out of a Triumph Renown which mated the original Standard gearbox. The SS1 tourer first acquired twin SU carburetters instead of R.A.G. with ram pipes and then a 3-1/2 litre engine from a Jaguar Mark V, the staggering thing was that all the different engines Triumph, Standard and Jaguar fitted the same 4 speed gearbox. Making them faster was one thing, getting them to stop with the Bendix cable drum brakes was another. As a consequence body rebuilds were required from time to time.

SS1 Coupe lanquishing in a restoration workshop in need of a new camshaft.

Inner page of the handbook, rather scruffy I know. oily fingers. Below a couple of pages showing the engine sizes, HP and other data. Even in its day comments were that the cars were more show than go hence the need to upgrade the power in the cars I owned.

At the time of ownership, in retrospect I behaved like a wee boy racer and poser, windscreen down with only the little aero-screens, deerstalker hat driving like a man possessed in a car already 30 years old. Cars of that time came with a tool kit and the hand book instructed how to service and people did. Not many would adjust tappets, decoke, replace big end bearings, grease various nipples and the like these days. No need of course.

Snails Upper Flisk

Snail, one of the few left in the garden, out for its night-time browse. They are a much loved delicacy for our ducks.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Solar Panels Electricity for Free North Fife

It seems too good to be true but it's true. Under the European and Government scheme whereby anyone can benefit by installing PV panels, 'cash back scheme' indexed linked and guaranteed for 25 years.. I've had 6 different companies present themselves to promote their services. The quotes have ranged from £17,000 all for similar installations even Tesco with loads of card points. G&S Ltd won hands down with a quote of under £11,000 including the desktop device and distribution board/fuse box. I have no hesitation in recommending them to you.
An update today, 19th October 2012. The feed in tarrif has paid me £1,533,34p in the one year.
Job start, scaffold tower erected, electrician busy constructing appliance boards.

Stuart hard at it.

Stuart Wilson, the man.

The solar panels being readied for placement.

Steady as you go. Sure footed and confident the panels are carried into place.

Work in progress, in turn the panels are securely clamped in place.

The last panel of 16 capable of generating 3.92 kilowatts of electricity. 4 kilowatts being the maximum allowable under the domestic feed in tariff scheme which stands at 43.3 pence per kilowatt, indexed linked, in April this will be increased by 5.2%. Tax free and guaranteed for 25 years.

Robert Garden and James McGraw expert and efficient fitters of the solar PV panels.

In the roof space sits the inverter that changes DC current into alternating suitable for feed into the grid and home appliances.

The meter board. G&S Ltd replaced my distribution/fuse box for free and also provided a desktop monitor which shows in real time how much energy is being produced, how much carbon is being saved and how much income is being made.

Desktop monitor, photo taken earlier today, not the sunniest of days but on checking now we have earned £5-29 from 12.238 KWh and saved 6.241 Kg of Co and run the washing machine several times for free today.

It's a win win situation. Click here to win as well. When you contact mention this blog.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jamie's Great Britain

Jamie's Great Britain

Celebrating Britain’s very best food. Inspirational guide to home cooking by Jamie Oliver.

Jamie grew up in one of the first true British “gastropubs”, which his Mum and Dad still run today. For him, the heart and soul of real British cooking is food that puts a smile on your face. And that’s what he wants to share in the new book: the essence of British food, done properly.

Over the years, British food culture has embraced flavours and influences from all the people who came and made Great Britain their home. The food reflects an open-minded culture as well as the country’s beauty. There are over 100 of Jamie’s favourite recipes: some are indisputable classics, some are his versions of the classics, some should be classics but just haven’t been made famous yet and others he’s made up from the great bounty of British produce.

Wherever you’re from, if you love food this book will offer you a little taste of happiness.

Jamie's Great Britain. A wonderful present to oneself and others.
Hardcover for the price of paperback, one third of the Recommended Retail Price.

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Look further and buy.Jamie's Great Britain

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sky River Tay North Fife October 5th 2011

Another colourful sky over the River Tay North Fife 5th October 2011.

Meanwhile as the sun set, out into the garden to harvest vegetables for the evening meal. Apart from the salad we had carrots and I don't know what it is in this particular part of the plot but these headless little people present themselves, just as tasty though. Could even be a bit of protein in there.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Tayview North Fife October 2nd 2011

Whilst England basked in another day of record breaking temperatures and sunshine here in North Fife it has rained heavily with following drizzle and mist. Then gaps appeared.

Then the sun came out. It seems all the seed crop harvests are in, just in time. Only the potatoes left.

Tayview 2nd October 2011, pleasantly warm and still.