Friday, October 24, 2014

Castor oil plant North Fife

False Castor Oil Plant (Japanese Aralia, Aralia)

Castor oil plant at The Steeple Arts courtyard Newburgh, just starting to flower from the profusion of buds atop the 5ft high growth.


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Tayview 6th October 2014

Looking East towards Dundee from the road by Balinbreich, I was struck by the clear line of the dew point bottom of the cloud and remarkably a similar colour to the fields below

Tayview 4th October 2014

Tayview 4th October 2014, North Fife. Glorious colours.

Monday, October 06, 2014

The Hermitage Perthshire

Glen Sma Perthshire, heather covered hillsides, in the gullies and aside of the scree  blue berries thrive. On the road very few vehicles pass by either way... magical to be in such a natural and quiet space.

This wee wander was on the way to The Hermitage.
The Hermitage sits astride the river Braan at a spectacular waterfall, at the rear a vantage point gives a wonderful view where salmon and sea trout struggle against the falling water at (the Black Linn Falls) to swim to mating and spawning waters upstream.

Once part of one of the most important 18th century picturesque landscapes in Scotland, an attractive woodland walk leads though spectacularly large Douglas firs (including one of the tallest trees in the country) to the amazing folly, Ossian’s Hall overlooking the Black Linn waterfall.
Follow in the footsteps of notable visitors of the past including Wordsworth, Queen Victoria, Mendelssohn and Turner as you wander around this magnificent designed landscape with it’s dramatic natural features.
Ossian Hall was refurbished in 2007 with sliding panels, secret handle and mirrored artwork to recreate the illusions of shock, surprise and amazement, the aims of its original design.
Enjoy the wildlife as you walk along the river Braan, with the dark foaming pool and the spectacular Black Linn waterfall. Let your imagination run wild as you admire the Totem pole, carved from a Douglas Fir tree by a native Canadian from the Squamish Nation. Extend your walk by linking in to one of the trails of the Dunkeld walks network.

Down by the river Braan
Such richness, well worth a visit and it's free apart from a wee parking charge. Such are our times.