Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cupar North Fife

Cupar War Memorial to the dead of two world wars. As a piece of sculpture I find it to be a very competent and fitting particularly if you think that's where we go. This memorial was erected by public subscription and was unveiled on the 29 th April 1922 by Field Marshal Earl Haig, James Stark, Provost. The sculptor is unknown to me but as a work I am impressed.

An old photograph of Crossgate, Cupar North Fife.

Some things have changed over the eighty years or so but then not a lot,

North Fife Balmerino Property for sale

Abbey Steading, Balmerino, Fife.

Unit 1 Balmerinach Sold
Unit 3 Granary West Offers over £325,000
Unit 4 Granary East Fixed Price £360,000
Unit 5 Abbots House Fixed Price £540,000
Unit 6 The Vestry Fixed Price £365,000
Unit 7 The Kiln Fixed Price £295,000
Unit 8 The Chapter House Fixed Price £585,000

Balmerino is an ancient village steeped in history mainly centred around the monastic Balmerino Abbey. In 1229, Queen Ermengarde, the widow of William the Lion and mother of Alexander II, invited the Cistercians at Melrose Abbey to set up a daughter house at Balmerino. She chose this location on the North Fife coast because of its pleasant climate and for its existing religious connections. The Abbey suffered during the Reformation and unfortunately not much of it stands today. However, the ancient Spanish Chestnut tree located in the grounds of the abbey has stood the test of time and is believed to be over 500 years old.
Newport on Tay, some 6 miles to the east, provides a range of day to day services including a primary school, post office and local shops. Dundee, some 10 miles to the north east, offers extensive facilities including national retailers, banks, restaurants, financial services, secondary schools, a mainline rail station and a domestic airport with daily flights to London City Airport. St. Andrews, 12 miles to the east is a popular town with many local shops, places of historical interest and the famous West Sands beach nearby.

This part of Fife offers a wide range of outdoor activities, and is particularly renowned for golf, with a number of golf courses in the area, including the Championship course at St. Andrews. There are many coastal walks and beaches nearby. Balmerino is also well placed for those who enjoy country sports and fishing, with both available on nearby estates and rivers.
Abbey Steading comprises an impressive range of former steading buildings, including a magnificent monastic barn, and lies within the historic village of Balmerino overlooking the Firth of Tay. Country Property Developments, together with Pask & Pask architects, have sensitively converted this range of historic buildings into eight contemporary country homes. At the heart of the development lies the monastic barn, a fine building that dates back to the 15th Century and still has the western gable intact, with exposed doocot boxes on the inner face. The development comprises eight spacious, 3 to 4 bedroom houses, each arranged over two floors and finished to exacting standards.

The properties are of traditional style, incorporating local stone and making use of new stone lintels and mullions. Internally the properties incorporate under-floor heating and provide excellent sound-proofing between the ground and first floor. The roofs are to be finished with a mix of natural Scottish slate and hand made clay pan tiles traditionally used in this part of Fife.

The houses will be finished to an extremely high standard including Cat 7 cabling throughout, quality kitchen fittings by Sheraton and appliances by Neff. The bathrooms will include sanitary ware by Olympus Italian and tiles by Porcelanosa. Some shower valves and taps will be by Kundi.

Outside, all garden areas will be top soiled and turfed, bin areas will be slabbed and parking areas chipped. Some of the boundaries will be created in beech hedging.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Wiches of Fife

Along the coast of Fife, in villages like Culross and Pittenweem, historical markers and pamphlets now include the fact that some women were executed as witches within these burghs. Still the reality of what happened the night that Janet Cornfoot was lynched in the harbour is hard to grasp as one sits in the harbour of Pittenweem watching the fishing boats unload their catch and the pleasure boats rising with the tide. How could people do this to an old woman? Why was no-one ever brought to justice? And why would anyone defend such a lynching? The task of the historian is to try to make events in the past come alive and seem less strange. This is particularly true in the case of the historian dealing with the witch-hunt. The details are fascinating. Some of the anecdotes are strange. The modern reader finds it hard to imagine illness being blamed on the malevolence of a beggar woman denied charity. It is difficult to understand the economic failure of a sea voyage being attributed to the village hag, not bad weather. Witch-hunting was related to ideas, values, attitudes and political events. It was a complicated process, involving religious and civil authorities, village tensions and the fears of the elite. The witch-hunt in Scotland also took place at a time when one of the main agendas was the creation of a righteous or godly society. As a result, religious authorities had control over aspects of the lives of the people which seem every bit as strange to us today as might any beliefs about magic or witchcraft. That the witch-hunt in Scotland, and specifically in Fife, should have happened at this time was not accidental. This book tells the story of what occurred over a period of a century and a half, and offers some explanation as to why it occurred. The Witches of Fife: Witch-hunting in a Scottish Shire, 1560-1710.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

North Fife Heritage

Fife, Perthshire and Angus. This series provides an introduction to the archaeological heritage of Scotland, detailing the story of one part of the country. The details are filled in by a gazetteer of the most interesting and best preserved monuments, and aim to encourage the reader to explore further using the full-colour section on day excursions. This volume details skilfully carved Pictish cross-slabs, great abbeys and castles, and the imposing cathedrals of Arbroath and St Andrews, together with the Royal Palace of Falkland. Examples of rural architecture are also documented.Fife, Perthshire and Angus (Exploring Scotland's Heritage) (Exploring Scotland's Heritage)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

St Andrews North Fife Graffiti

When I was in St Andrews Market Square last I noticed this graffiti, in a way it says much about the town. Being a University town it's written in chalk, the sentiment is soft and acceptable to all, can be removed and ammended with ease, is an on going communication between youthful besotted and is stressed by the council signage "at any time".

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The House where I was Born in Birmingham

Sixty four years ago I was born in this house in the room with the wee window above the central front door. I lived there till my mid teens and then to the suburbs. Across the road there was a range of shops that catered for the local community seen here below reflect the changes that have taken place over the years.

Holiday away from North Fife

All along the East Coast and North Fife Herring was a major fish catch along with Mackerel. With fish stocks declining worldwide this is no longer the case. Fish is still landed in north fife but the bulk is transported to major centres like Birmingham for sale. In this market can be found an enormous variety of fish speices reflecting the changing ethnic population. I really love to be there as I did as a child, then buying maybe a bag of crabs claws and eating them on the way home on the bus discarding the empty shells on the upper deck floor, (such a delinquent).

Holiday from North Fife

When I join my brother in law in the Midlands weather permiting we take to the sky in this wonderful flying machine.In the videos below you will get a taste of what it's like. He has flown several times to North Fife and lands in an adjacent field from where he or we can explore Scotland.
Taking off.
Landing at Rodditch.
Landing with a bump at Shenstone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sir Menzies Campbell North East Fife

Sir Menzies Campbell MP, for North East Fife and ex leader of the Liberal Democrat Party has been forced to resign. Why is this? As I see it there is today a culture of impatience and ageism. There was a time when politicians were really valued for their integrity and perception of what was needed for the nation as a whole. Today the ambitious young bucks vie for power supported by background spin doctors, speech writers and such to obtain popular support but not following through as proposed. It’s little wonder that that most people are indifferent about voting. Sir Menzies is of the old school that has the benefit longer life experience, giving rise to wisdom. Since starting this blog I has twice bumped into Sir Menzies at public events Ceres Highland Games, and Tay River Boat Races where he was freely mingling (forgive the pun) with his constituents, Relaxed, friendly and very approachable. I think a sad day for the Liberal Democrat Party. You may think differently, feel free to comment.

Monday, October 15, 2007

North Fife MP Resigns as Party Leader

Sir Menzies Campbell resigns as party leader of the Liberal Democrat Party.

North Fife Garden Environment

Today is Blogger Environment Day. In a way the whole of my Blog is about my local environment, I use a lot of pictorial content (a picture being worth a thousand words) though obviously words are essential, otherwise how would you find me. This picture was taken today of Bramley Cooking apples, the tree is only 6 years old bearing over 100 fruit which can enjoyed as an eating apple if left for a month or so longer on the tree.
The apple, one of our best loved fruits, is used in over 180 recipes within these pages. Wholesome and largely easy to prepare, the dishes include starters, supper dishes, salads, chutneys, jams, puddings and tea-time treats.The Apple Cookbook (Cavalier Cookbooks).

North Fife Free Wild Food

One of the reasons for going to Tentsmuir Sands North Fife was to avail ourselves of the Sea Buckthorn berries. Alas we were beaten to them by others though we did collect sufficient for a really nice pie.

Are you fully aware of nature's bounty? There's free food everywhere! Herbs, salad leaves, vegetables, berries, nuts and fungi can all be found. From edible seaweed and fennel to horseradish and wild asparagus, from the roadside to seaside every environment holds a burgeoning larder. "Wild Food" shows you what plants and fungi are edible, where to look for them, how to safely identify them and how to prepare them. There's even a section devoted to delicious recipes so that you have everything you need to make the transition from pathway to plate. Organised by environment and with clear instructions for identification, this is the European forager's bible.Wild Food For Free.

North Fife Climate

Here in North Fife this years summer environment was the wettest I have experienced in 28 years. A warm spring yielded abundant blossom and now abundant fruit,though short in sugar, the vegetables are giant and the only down side is that the garden grapes have not matured due to lack of sun.
This title explains what science knows about climate change, how it will affect us, its impact on different areas, and what we can do about it.Most of us are familiar with the terms climate change and global warming, but not too many of us understand the science behind them. We don't really understand how climate change will affect us, and for that reason we might not consider it as pressing a concern as, say, housing prices or the quality of local education. This book explains the scientific knowledge about global climate change clearly and concisely in engaging, nontechnical language, describes how it will affect all of us, and suggests how government, business, and citizens can take action against it.If people don't quite understand the seriousness of climate change, it is partly because politicians and the media have misrepresented the scientific community's strong consensus on it - politicians by selectively parsing the words of mainstream scientists, and the media by presenting "balanced" accounts that give the views of a small number of contrarians equal weight with empirically supported scientific findings. The science is complex, couched in the technical language of sinks.Climate Change What it Means for Us, Our Children, and Our Grandchildren: What It Means for Us, Our Children, and Our Grandchildren (American and Comparative ... and Comparative Environmental Policy) .

Climate Change 2007 - The Physical Science Basis

Change is constant of course but is becoming more extreme affecting our environment. Adapt, we will have to. It is always better to be informed and the study of this publication will help understanding to adopt appropriate live choices.
What is happening to the climate? Climate Change 2007 - The Physical Science Basis is the most comprehensive and up-to-date scientific assessment of past, present and future climate change. This report has been produced by some 600 authors from 40 countries, over 620 experts and a large number of government reviewers. Providing insights into the effects of human activity on the atmosphere, and containing an evaluation of observed climatic changes using the latest measurement techniques, the report also includes a detailed review of climate change observations and modelling for every continent as well as the first probabilistic evaluation of climate model simulations. Simply put, this latest summary from the IPCC forms the standard scientific reference for all those concerned with climate change and its consequences, including students and researchers in environmental science, meteorology, climatology, biology, ecology and atmospheric chemistry, and policy makers in governments and industry worldwide.Climate Change 2007 - The Physical Science Basis: Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC (Climate Change 2007): Working ... Report of the IPCC (Climate Change 2007) .

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mushrooms North Fife

Are they edible? It may be helpful to have definitive guide as in the recommended book below.
Fungi in Tentsmuir Forest North Fife. The Forest and along the fife coast abounds in fungi some edible some hallucinogenic and some poisonous. I recommend the book below so as not to get them mixed up.
This an example of Flyagaric, can be eaten and tested once maybe for its effects, thereafter it is toxic to the liver and is best ingested as the urine from a Reindeer who love it, whereby the toxic alkaloids are removed if you happen to have both handy, Shamans partake to induce trance.
Fully illustrated throughout, this practical guide to identifying edible mushrooms gives you all the details you need to enjoy the adventure of locating and collecting wild mushrooms. The book features all edible species of mushroom, together with those with which they may be confused. Organised by habitat for easy reference, it is beautifully illustrated and includes the best ways to cook and eat the mushrooms you collect. Main species are illustrated in their relevant habitat, and key features are described in detail. 'Lookalikes' are shown alongside the main species, and additional illustrations indicate how they differ. Calendar bars indicating at what time of year you can expect to see each mushroom along with an annotated cross-section giving accurate measurements make identification easier. How to Identify Edible Mushrooms.

St Andrews Market Square North Fife

Market Street and Square lies between North and South Streets in the busy town centre of St Andrews, home of Golf, its University and Cathedral in North Fife. Scotland.

St Andrews North Fife

St Andrews Castle North Fife.

Its ecclesiastical significance dates as far back as the fourth century, when St Regulus is claimed to have brought the relics of the saint there; its cultural importance dates from the early fifteenth century, when the world-famous university was founded there. More recently (since the seventeenth century) it has been well known as a centre for golf. This selection of short stories and essays is a wonderful literary celebration of this historic and venerable city which explore the multiple facets of its life and history It includes contributions from a wide range of authors, including A.L. Kennedy, Robert Fergusson, Alastair Reid, Ian Rankin, Samuel Johnson, Robert Burns, Don Paterson, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edwin Morgan, Hugh MacDiarmid, Willa Muir, Douglas Dunn, Anna Crowe, Meagan Delahunt, Seamus Heaney, Rudyard Kipling, Kathleen Jamie, Liz Lochhead, J.M. Barrie, Meg Bateman and Homer!.The Book of St Andrews .

Saturday, October 13, 2007

St Andrews

South Street St Andrews North Fife.

St.Andrews, Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes.
This map is part of the Landranger (Pink) series and is designed for people who really want to get to know an area. It includes the following information: tourist information, camping and caravan sites, picnic areas and viewpoints, selected places of interest and rights of way information for England and Wales. Each map in the series covers an area of 40 km by 40 km (25 miles by 25 miles) and like other Ordnance Survey maps, National Grid squares are provided so that any feature can be given a unique reference number. Perfect for planning ahead and local excursions, these maps are full of useful information that will help you really get to know an area.St.Andrews, Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes (Landranger Maps) .

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coastline of Britain

Coastline of Britain. 2008 Square Wall Calendar. Coastline of Britain, The 2008 Square Wall.

Britain's Coastlines from the Air. A combination of photographs and text is used to cover every section of the British coastline. Secret coves and bays are illustrated alongside the better known coastal sites. The descriptive text includes tales of shipwrecks, smugglers, sea battles and other legends. Britain's Coastlines from the Air.

Britain's Coastline. Presents a collection of photographs which display the beauty of Britain's coastline. From the White Cliffs of Dover to the Giant's Causeway, this book contains images which show why the coastline has played an important part in Britain's history and has such a valued role in national heritage. Britain's Coastline (Heritage Landscapes).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

North Fife Coast Tentsmuir

As a family we like to visit Tentsmuir sands and forest, wander through the trees to the beach and just enjoy the rich is-ness of the huge expanse of sky, water, sand and all.
The largest beach by far in Fife. Part of Fife Coastal Walk from Tayport to St Andrews.

North Fife Seashore

Any walk along the high water line reveals the remains of sea life. Here these bivalve shells and razor shells display the richness of the seashore life off Tentsmuir sands in North Fife.

Philip's Guide to Seashores and Shallow Seas of Britain and Europe is a new edition of a classic identification guide, with superb illustrations. The text has been fully revised and updated to incorporate numerous changes in classification resulting from biological research. Seashores and shallow seas are one of the most diverse natural environments, rich in plant and animal life. They are also among the most visited, attracting everyone from beachcombers and anglers to sailors and divers. Many who visit the sea take a strong interest in the wildlife found there, and this book provides a comprehensive and accessible guide. More than 1000 species are described in this book. For each species there is an account of the form, size, habitat and distribution. These combined with detailed and life-like illustration enable even the complete novice to easily identify a wide range of flora and fauna. It is a 'must have' for students of marine biography and oceanography, and for collectors of shells and other seashore remnants. Identification is assisted by an illustrated identification key in the introduction, which also describes the marine and seashore environment, explains the impact of the tides, and discusses conservation. Important groups of animals also have their own introductions.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

North Fife Hairdressing Salon

Kirsty Sharon and Esther, three gifted, creative and professional hairdressers at Lush Hairdressing Salon, High Street, Newburgh, North Fife, for Ladies and Gents. Colouring, Cutting, Wedding Parties, Nails and Hair care products. All carried out in a very relaxed happy and convivial atmosphere. Contact telephone, 01337 840402.
In the Hands of a professional, Kirsty deftly administers her skills in transformative hair dressing in Newburgh North Fife.
Esther applying her consummate skills at Sharons Salon Newburgh High Street North Fife Scotland.
Sharon at work. Other videos at Sharon's can be accessed via North Fife Videos, in North Fife Links in the right hand column.

North Fife Holiday Rental

North Fife Holiday Rental. Located in the historic village of Newburgh, nestling between Perth and St. Andrews, Weavers Hall is the perfect location for a romantic getaway, family holiday or golfing trip. Contact: Vyvyen Corrigan, 40 Lynedoch Road,
Scone, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, UK, PH2 6RJ.

North Fife Bungalow For Sale

North Fife Bungalow For Sale. The Roundel, Morton, Tayport, North Fife, Scotland. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a fine family detached bungalow in a rural location with uninterrupted views over the open countryside. The property includes 2.84 acres of ground which comprises of a 2.45 acre grazing paddock, and a sizeable area of well maintained garden grounds. The property offers well laid out and adaptable family accommodation which is in excellent order throughout benefiting from full double glazing and LPG gas central heating. It has been well maintained throughout offering bright and spacious accommodation comprising; entrance vestibule, hallway, lounge, sun room, dining room, dining kitchen, three double bedrooms all benefiting from built in wardrobes, family bathroom, utility room, store room and cloakroom. Overall this is a unique opportunity to purchase a fine property with large field, paddock, and garden grounds in a beautiful setting. Viewing is highly recommended to appreciate the charm of this property. Contact Steel Eldridge Stewart.