Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wild Primrose Earth Day North Fife

Wild Primrose Primula vulgaris, as recorded on Earth Day, a woodland plant. It flowers in early spring, one of the earliest spring flowers in much of Europe. ("Primrose" is ultimately from Old French primerose or medieval Latin prima rosa, meaning "first rose".) In appropriate conditions, it can cover the ground in open woods and shaded hedgerows. Here in North Fife April seems to be the month. In more populated areas it has sometimes suffered from over-collection and theft so that few natural displays of primroses in abundance can now be found. To prevent excessive damage to the species, picking of primroses or the removal of primrose plants from the wild is illegal in many countries, e.g. the UK (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Section 13, part 1b).
Wild Primrose North Fife

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chickens Flisk North Fife

Chickens Flisk North Fife. We have five chickens and one cockerel who have now learned to jump the fence to exploit the garden, they habitually scratch up newly planted seeds, eat sprouting plants, create havoc and decimate the vegetable plot. A problem. Wonderful protein rich eggs v mineral and fibre rich vegetables. What would you do?
This is the Dad of the white one above, hard to believe but true.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Queen Wasp

Queen Wasp on Japonica Quince, it's this time of the year when over-wintered queens start to regain energy to start a new colony, feeding and scraping wood fibre to build the first little bike (nest) and produce the first workers which go on to build a much larger bike in another place.

Morning Sunbeams over Luthrie North Fife

Morning sunbeams over Luthrie North Fife

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tree Peony Flisk North Fife

3 Years old and just beginning to flower, to be honest I am surprised by the colour new to me.
Tree Peony Bud about to bloom.
Tree Peony in full bloom.
Peony Bud nearly in bloom.
The same Peony flower a few days later.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ballinbreich North Fife April 2012

Ballinbreich Castle as viewed from Black-Earnside lay-bye for Lois.
Ballinbreich Castle

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

River Tay April 11th 2012

River Tay April 11th. Sunshine and showers all day long, hail too.
Low water exposing the ever changing sand banks.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

North Indian Painting

I recently purchased this painting, it's painted on fine fabric on an opaque white ground which has flaked off in places, it is both very fine and primitive. Not square, trapezoid. I'm intrigued to know the country of origin if any viewer might know. I thought the Punjab or Pakistan, anyway it tells a story. Actual size is 470x315mm.

April Showers North Fife

April Showers North Fife, Typical weather and in accord with the season, makes me want to burst into song, "When April Showers come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May......" Warmth and water with the occasional hail spatter and suddenly a burst of growth, a greening and blossoming. What a wonderful World.

West Lomond North Fife April 9th

Cloud capped West Lomond. We had amazing summer temperatures last week, now it's a different story.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Julie Goring at The Steeple North Fife

 Light & Dark

Julie Goring. An Exhibition at The Steeple Newburgh North Fife by Julie Goring. Myth and story telling- Often the imaginary is sparked around birds-everything from pigeons, geese, swans to finches, goldcrests and sparrows. Mixed media.

Fables of Newburgh.
Girl at Dusk.
Crow Ikons.
St Hugo Shrine.
The Dark Artemis shrine. The story of how Acteon, out hunting with his dogs, chances upon Artemis, the virgin goddess of the moon. Furious that a mortal should see her naked, she turns Acteon into a stag who is then hunted down by his own dogs.
The Doull Tree.
Goldfinch Triptych.
Bird Ikons

Friday, April 06, 2012

Fire and Rescue Service North Fife

Arriving in Newburgh North Fife this afternoon, the scene presented itself, naturally I stopped to have a look.

Fire and Rescue in attendance.

Fire fighters and Rescue team attempting to hoist a non too well horse to a standing position. A mission of mercy and compassion.

Gill Fife coaxing her steed to get up.

I called by three hours later to see, alas it seems the horse has been on its last legs.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Hill of Tarvit Mansion House North Fife

The Hill of Tarvit is a 20th-century mansion house and gardens in North Fife, Scotland. They were designed by Sir Robert Lorimer and are today owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

Entrance to Hill of Tarvit. To the left is the entrance to Hatters & Co tearoom and eatery.

Hatters & Co tearoom and Eatery @ the Hill of Tarvit Mansion House. Make a day of it and enjoy the locally sourced wild and home grown produce from the kitchen garden. Andrew McKeen a rising young creative and passionate Chef together with Stella Collelouri offer an exciting menu which includes locally baked breads, a delicious array of hand made sweet treats, light lunches and their most exciting "wild at heart" daily specials. These can be anything from potted pigeon to wood sorrel salad depending upon the season. The Eatery is predominately influenced by Hill of Tarvit's Edwardian heyday also drawing on Victorian 20s, 30, and 40s as the house history spans these decades.

Enlarge to read the days menu.

Andrew McKeen (chef) plating up his culinary art.

Stella and first day customers.

Before and after use this wonderful period wash-room.

Outside space too.

Opening times.

11am-5pm Thursday to Monday.
Sunday Musical teas, lavish afternoon tea accompanied by live and period music.