Friday, April 20, 2012

Chickens Flisk North Fife

Chickens Flisk North Fife. We have five chickens and one cockerel who have now learned to jump the fence to exploit the garden, they habitually scratch up newly planted seeds, eat sprouting plants, create havoc and decimate the vegetable plot. A problem. Wonderful protein rich eggs v mineral and fibre rich vegetables. What would you do?
This is the Dad of the white one above, hard to believe but true.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
Well we had the same problem: eggs for the table vs intact flower and vegetable gardens. We changed course and "hired" runner ducks for tasty eggs and gardening skills. Female runner ducks produce almost as prolifically as chickens and lay a larger egg that has a pleasant mild flavour (unlike a muscovy). Runners are very thorough in the garden eating slugs and instects as they sift through the dirt rather than scratching at it and slinging it all over. If you do not employ a drake you will keep the girls on the job and be entertained at the same time with their quacking and gaggling about as they work.
Lois from British Columbia