Friday, September 28, 2007

Newburgh North Fife House Garden

The back of a Newburgh North Fife House. Most buildings in the town are constructed using local igneous rock called whinstone with sandstone lintels, sills and corner stones.
A ceramic watcher of events that take place from time to time in this eclectic garden in north fife.

Newburgh Garden North Fife Scotland

The Garden Writers Association of America awarded Garden Stone a 2003 Garden Globe Award of Achievement for Writing. The Washington Post wrote: "Garden Stone is one of the best idea books on using stones in the landscape that I have seen." And Country Living Gardener said: "While the book is visually stunning...diagrams and step-by-step instructions show how gardeners can make their dreams come true." Garden Stone capitalizes on a hot trend in landscaping: adding stone to bring texture, colour, serenity, and strength to the garden. Author Barbara Pleasant offers gardeners more than 40 enchanting designs -from something as simple as a flagstone path to an elaborate Zen-inspired meditation garden. But this is not just a picture book. Each project is packed with practical, down-to-earth installation advice, including clear line-drawings and instructional diagrams. Furthermore, an up-to-date resource list helps do-it-yourselfers find the tools and materials they need. Both practical and inspirational, Garden Stone shows any gardener how stone can add enduring beauty to any landscape. Here in Newburgh North Fife, a stony place anyway, practical use has been achieved.
Even in Scotland quite exotic plant species thrive for example.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cupar Railway Station North Fife Scotland

Cupar railway station North Fife, recently renovated. One of the many splendid stations of the Great Northern Eastern Railway, now owned by First Scotrail.
Unfortunately it was standing room only to Markinch but to lighten that there was much happy conversation between passengers many of whom were offshore workers from Aberdeen.
Such was the conversational distraction there's only about half the bridge crossing taken plus the poorly setup camera. Do better next time.

Edinburgh from North Fife.

From Cupar north fife to Waverley station Edinbugh is an hours journey. The line takes one through the Howe of Fife, Markinch, Kirkcaldy, Kinghorn where it joins and hugs the coast to North Queensferry and across the Forth Rail Bridge.
To get to the Royal Mile the shortest route is up these stone steps where refreshment is at hand if needed.
One emerges at the top end of Cockburn Street and onto the Royal Mile.
Looking up the Mile in the direction of Edinburgh Castle.

Newburgh High Street North Fife Scotland

Travelling east on the Perth to Cupar and St Andrews road for a quiet roll through Newburgh High Street Scotland. 1st Bowling green, Tayview Pub across from Henderson Dark Antiques, Tower Bakery left. ... all » Masonic Hall and Co-op Right, Last Orders then post office, Steeplearts centre right, Ship Inn and Newsagents left, Bear Tavern right, Chemists Sharons Hair Salon left, Abbey inn and West port Garage left, Primary School right and we made it to Abbey Garage. Phew!

North Fife Arts Newburgh Scotland

Jeanette Sendler Artist in Residence at Newburgh Steeplearts North Fife.
This the second 'spotlight'exhibition featuring the outcome of artist in residence Jeanette Sendler working with the North Fife community of Newburgh to explore the local environment.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Insects of Britain and Northern Europe

For those of you who have children and or are interested in insect life may wish to study and identify further. This book, Insects of Britain and Northern Europe will inform.
Covering 240 species of insect and other invertebrates that are commonly found in Britain and northern Europe, Wild Guide Insects is the perfect introductory guide to 'creepy-crawlies'. For everyone who is wild about nature, this is the latest title in the Collins Wild Guide series that is ideal for adult beginners as well as young people of 11+. The illustrations: each species of insect is illustrated with a stunning full-colour photograph. Additional artwork may also show eggs, larvae or other useful identification features The text: is split into sections making the information accessible at a glance. The main text on each species includes information on distribution, habitat and reproduction. The ID Fact File: presents identification features for quick and easy reference. Similar species are cross referenced to ensure correct identification.

North Fife Insects

A pleasant warm sunny day in north fife, the garden is abuzz with insects. A hover fly becomes a meal for an Orb Spider.
A vivid coloured hover fly feeds on coriander flowers here in my north fife garden.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay North Fife

Here is a contemporary print that can be purchased.
Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay North Fife. The book describes in great detail the events leading up to he Tay bridge disaster of 1879. The subsequent public Inquiry provides the answers to why the disaster occurred, which the author provides in the form of extracts from the main witnesses. The reinvestigation confirms their conclusions that the bridge was badly designed, built and maintained. The book concludes by examining the aftermath and modern disasters which show the importance of forensic methods in understanding them, and learning the lessons so as to prevent further accidents.

Tay Rail Bridge North Fife

These shots of the Tay Rail Bridge clearly show the original bridge supports along side the present, they were taken from the Scotairways flight from London on its approach to Dundee. These flights pass overhead of my home in north fife eight times a day occasionally I'm on it. From here the flight goes south west over Cumbernauld, the Lake district, along the Manchester corridor, over Birmingham as it begins its descent to the East of London over the Thames estuary and plop into London Docklands. Jump on the Docklands Light Railway, go past the Millennium Dome, into the city and Hey presto you're there.

Flying over North Fife

Flying over North Fife Gives fantastic views all round from the small but comfortable Scotairways Dornier 38. The advantage of flying to or from The City of London and Dundee is the convenient ease, short times, very close check in to actual aircraft, a few minutes wander to get on off board at either end with the advantage of free parking at Dundee. Delightful cabin attendants, worth it just for the buzz. Dundee is very close to St Andrews, all of North Fife, the Highlands of Scotland, Perth, Dunkeld, a good starting point for Scottish Travel.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

North Fife Riding of the Marches Newburgh

Today, OOPS, is that the time, Yesterday the riding of the Marches began at the top of Tay Street on its way to the riverside on an 8 mile walk by about 200 enthusiastic local people to maintain the awareness of the town boundaries.
Half a mile or so the walk of riding the marches emerges at Parkhill Newburgh.

Hill Walking Newburgh North Fife

As the Below walkers emerged the path lead further upwards.
Along the way of riding the marches (beating the bounds) Many can be seen to be fired up to accomplish what is a significant symbolic demonstration of an age old tradition to mark the Parish as being. Some fly, some huff and puff, some are in another world anyway. there you go, an everyday story of Newburgh North Fife.

North Fife Walkers Refresh

The youngest and oldest receive their honorary gratuities.
Aged 79+ and 2+.

After 7 of the 8 mile walk welcome refreshment is enjoyed by all.

North Fife Walkers Newburgh

The boundary mark is reapplied.
Riding of the Marches walkers enjoy the symbolic moment of the stick being thrown into the River Tay.

Friday, September 14, 2007

North Fife Pittachope

A view of Pittachope fields just up the road in north fife. You will notice that the middle distance field is uncultivated. It's called "set aside" whereby a farmer is paid a subsidy to not farm it, due to food surpluses. I have been a craftsman in silver and gold objects, should there be a surplus of such artefacts, would I and others be paid not to make? Go on we can all have a laugh together.

Newburgh High Street North Fife Scotland

Tomorrow here in Newburgh High Street North Fife Scotland, starts the Riding of the Marches (Beating the Bounds), an ancient practice whereby a proportion of the population walks, though in the past riding a horse would be normal to assert claim of Parish territory. I hope to be there and do it, legs and energy permitting. We will see.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

North Fife Garden Vegetables

We grow organically many foods in the garden here at Flisk north fife. An example is this cabbage. I intended to post a recipe but I'm sure you will be well acquainted with how. A google search on cabbage though will reveal hundreds of ways of using them, worth a look. It's extremely nutritious and very good for a balanced diet. We'll be eating this and others.

Normans Law North Fife Scotland

Normans Law North Fife Scotland rises to 850 ft and commands an extraordinary view of Fife, to Arthur's Seat Edinburgh, St Andrews, the river Tay and the highlands, Perthshire and beyond. There is a cairn on top next to a trigonometry point with the remains of the hill fort that once stood there. When I have the time and energy I'll take a panoramic video so that you may view too.

Wild Flowers Flisk North Fife

A comprehensive guide to wild trees, shrubs and flowering plants covering the whole of Britain and Ireland, plus Europe from the Arctic to the Alps. nearly 2000 species are described, and 1450 are illustrated in colour.
I am pleasantly surprised to see this wee stand of flowers at this time of the year in our garden at Flisk North Fife. Many are over and gone to seed but some seem to go on and on. Wild Flowers.

North Fife Accommodation Parkhill Newburgh Scotland

Parkhill Mill in the process of being converted into residential accommodation. A few years ago I roamed the interior which still retained the working parts of a flour mill. Shovels and other implements were all made of wood, beautifully hand crafted in the adjoining workshop. Normal metal tools etc were avoided because of the explosive nature of flour dust which easily ignites with sparks.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Aberdeen Angus at Flisk North Fife.

Aberdeen Angus at Flisk North Fife. This wee Bullock moans and groans all day long. I think it's time it went home to Balhelvie farm. Don't you?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

North Fife Moths

I meant to post this in June but mislaid the disc. Moths in North Fife are aplenty but this amongst others is a favourite. The Large Elephant Hawk Moth I find to be particularly beautiful, it has a wingspan of about 3 inches, fantastically coloured, feeds at dusk, hovering and thrusting out its long proboscis, tricky to photograph on the wing so I hand plucked this one so we might see. Years ago, neighbours were strolling along the road (as we do in warm June weather) as we hung out by the gate along side which was a stand of Valerian flowers, we chatted. Pervading all was the thrum of maybe 50 or so elephant hawk moth simultaneously hovering to eat, a sound and vision I will always remember.

North Fife Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast accommodation in north fife can be found at The Abbey Inn Newburgh. It's a few minutes walk from Lindores Abbey, Newburgh water front and park. St Andrews is 17 miles, Cupar 8 miles. Fishing at Lindores Loch and Lochmill is within a few miles. In fact central to many places of interest and beauty.

North Fife Scotland Recipes

As the area here in north fife abounds in fruit which we enjoy to eat. I thought you may like to try this recipe from Scotland.

Plum Tart
For the Dough:

7 g of fresh yeast
about 350 g strong bread flour
½ teaspoon of salt
50 g of sugar
200 ml of warm milk
1 egg, beaten
20g unsalted soft butter

For the filling

500g plums, halved and stoned
3 tablespoons of brown sugar or more if the fruit are very tangy!

For the topping

200g of chopped nuts of your choosing
200g of heated fruit jam or jelly gently poured over last
It’s a matter of personal choice what is added or left out.

Mix the flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a bowl and slowly add the warm milk as you stir then the beaten egg and soft butter for a sticky dough. Turn out onto a cool surface and knead for 10 minutes or so until you have a satiny dough add more flour as needed. Put aside for an hour or so under cover to rise at room temperature.

Toss the fruit with the sugar and set aside.

Knock down the dough with your knuckles and push into a shape of choosing on a baking sheet or greased baking tin with 5cm walls, lay the fruit cut side up and sprinkle on the nutty topping etc. Bake at 190c for 30 minutes until the base is golden, fruit tender and crisp in places. Pour over the jam or jelly.

Serve with Yoghurt, ice cream, or cream and if you really want to pig it, a drink of dessert wine or champagne. Enjoy, you’ll end up with a warm satiated grin.

Monday, September 10, 2007

North Fife Photographs River Tay

A group of canoeists paddle back after a tranquil glide on the Tay water. Click for full screen.
Daily I see the Tay, it never looks the same twice and here at dusk it has the famed silvery quality.

North Fife Photographs Rivers Tay and Earn

Looking from Banklands Newburgh towards Perth over the confluence of the Rivers Tay and Earn at Carpow.

North Fife Organic Garden

This North Fife Organic Garden is part of the Monimail Tower Project. A very relaxed and interesting place to visit, steeped in an historic context. The South facing sloped walled garden dates from the 16th century as do the surrounding orchards.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Medieval Music Monimail North Fife

North Fife Security at Monimail Tower stand by to the music players below.

North Fife Organic Farm and Cafe

Today we visited the pillar of Hercules Organic Farm and Cafe in north fife on its open weekend. Jane Lorimer demonstrated healthy cooking recipes using organic produce from the farm.

David Lorimer Pillars of Hercules Falkland North Fife

This interdisciplinary volume arises out of a series of university events arranged by the Scientific and Medical Network between November 2001 and July 2003. The Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality Project was set up with the support of the Templeton Foundation in order to examine critical issues at the interface between science, religion and the relatively new field of 'consciousness studies'. The results give a variety of fascinating perspectives on this emerging area.

David Lorimer presented and chaired a discussion group at pillars of Hercules Falkland North Fife. I spoke my mind as did the assembled meet in a Yurt. The subject was Spirituality and Ecology.

Jazz music at Pillars of Hercules Falkland North Fife

Open Day with Jazz music at Pillars of Hercules Organic Farm and Cafe.Falkland North Fife.

Falkland North Fife Scotland

Falkland, North Fife. Scotland. Falkland town fountain in the square with the Palace entrance to the left

Saturday, September 08, 2007

North Fife Photographs Norman's Law

North Fife Photographs. Norman's Law, It lies at the Eastern extremity of the Ochil Hills to a height of 285m in the Parish of Dunbog. There are the remains of an extensive Iron Age fort on its summit. Close by is the Hamlet of Brunton which was an 18th – 19th century linen weaving village, unchanged except residents now commute to work. This shot taken from Brunton on a hot hazy day.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Fife Holiday Accommodation

Fife Holiday Accommodation here in Crail gives easy access to the North, South, East and West of Fife. St Andrews to the North and many beautiful East Neuk coastal villages. To the south, Pittenweem, Elie. West to Falkland and Palace, South West to Dunfermline, ancient capital of Scotland and much more.