Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Newburgh Scarecrows 2011

Once again Newburgh North Fife enjoys some creative fun with the annual scarecrow competition. This year the theme is children's nursery rhymes. Wicked. More to follow.

The Wicked witch.

Snow White. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all ......

The Pied Piper.. and they came running ...

Sleeping Beauty, lets get spinning.....

The Mad Hatters Tea Party....... I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for an important date .......

Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your long hair. .....

Rapunzel. Ooo my prince is coming ....

Polly put the Kettle on Polly put the .......

Sleeping Beauty.


Little Red Riding Hood, grandma what big eyes you have .......all the better to .....

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow with .........

The Owl and the Pussy Cat went to sea .......

Little Red Riding Hood. He's behind you .....

Queen of Hearts.

Little Bow Peep has lost her sheep and ........

Little miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet eating her ........

Jack and the beanstalk.

Giant atop the beanstalk, waiting ....fe fi fo fum.....

How much is that doggy in the window, the one with the....

Hickory dickory dock the mouse ran up the clock......

Heh Diddle diddle the Cat and the Fiddle.....

and the cow jumped over the moon.

Tayview 30th May 2011

The river Tay bathed in silver light.

Tayview 30th May 2011. Amazing cloud formations and casting my vision to the earth yet another eyeful.

May Poppies with a really intense red, it's a pity the flowers are so short lived.

May Poppy. Upper Flisk North Fife.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Small Copper Butterfly North Fife

Small Copper Butterfly at rest on a Comfrey leaf today. Over the last week or two this has been the most prevalent butterfly following Orange tips, I anticipate a good showing of Common Blues soon.

The Butterflies of Britain and Ireland [Hardcover]
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Britain's best-loved butterfly book -- Michael McCarthy, The Independent

. . what promises to be our best butterfly book for 20 years, by our top expert Professor Jeremy Thomas and acclaimed butterfly artist, Richard Lewington --Peter Marren, The Weekend Telegraph

There are many books on British butterflies, but this is the ultimate butterfly handbook, with all the detail one could possibly want. . . . Richard Lewington's illustrations are absolutely astounding. How can anyone paint so well?
--Steve Gantlett, Birding World

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If you love butterflies then this is a must. The Butterflies of Britain and Ireland

Ninewells Hospital Tayside

On Wednesday 25th May my right knee was replaced following my left in September last year. This time round I was "fast tracked" no one ran pushing the bed from here to there but by sheer professionalism and skill of all the caring participants I am today walking unaided after just two nights in. I am truly grateful to our N.H.S and Benedict Clift in particular. I had a great and happy time in Ninewells, I'll post more photos when taken.

After the wound is stapled together a small catheter is installed to automatically administer local anaesthetic around the full knee replacement, It worked wonderfully.

A slight leak revealed on removal of the dressing. Relatively superficial blood loss so just a matter of time waiting for the tissue to meld and the staples removed.

This was the last wound dressing applied before leaving, a simple gauze covered in a transparent adhesive patch, really handy allowing inspection without having to remove.

Gemma Barclay (pixie) nursing student about to apply the heart monitor. Ninewells is a teaching hospital and centre of excellence, a good place to enrol for the Medical profession.

Nursing assistants changing bedding. Bedding is changed the instant it becomes soiled no matter how many times that might happen through spillage or blood loss etc. Impressive Eh?

My bed for two nights.

James Finlayson in the opposite bed looking forward to going home.

Ninewells Hospital Food

Hospital food normally has a bad reputation but I can honestly say that given the frugal budget that chefs have to work with, Ninewells Hospital provide excellent quality nosh.
It arrived hot, I enjoyed it very much.

The Hospital meal as ordered, Haggis, Turnip, creamed potatoes, brown bread roll with butter, lentil broth, Rhubarb Pie and custard, Caramel chocolate wafer.

Proof of the pudding, All gone.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

X-ray Ninewells Hospital

Pamela Kierans, Radiology assistant at work Ninewells Hospital about to apply the camera to my leg with its new knee replacement. The process has advanced significantly from the times of Dr George Pirie pioneer of X-ray uses in clinical medicine.

Xray tube display at Ninewells Hospital Dundee.

Dr George A Pirie (1863-1929)

Pirie pioneered the application of X-rays to clinical medicine in Dundee. He established the first Electrical Department at Dundee Royal Infirmary in 1896 and worked there until 1925 when he retired due to ill-health. His long exposure to x-rays cost him his eyesight and both his hands had to be amputated due to radiation damage. In 1926 he was awarded a civil list pension and a Carnegie Hero Trust medal. The grateful citizens of Dundee organised a public collection for him, raising over £1,200. His name was also one of those inscribed on a memorial in Hamburg recognising early X-ray martyrs. The inscription reads:

"They were heroic pioneers for a safe and successful application of X-rays to medicine. The fame of their deeds is immortal."

The Medical History Museum holds several examples of Pirie's X-ray equipment, including early X-ray tubes, fluoroscope, protective face mask and a bottle of mustard oil, used by Pirie to ease the pain in his hands caused by repeated radiation exposure. One of Pirie's tumour-ridden hands is kept by the Pathology department at Ninewells Hospital.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Black Sheep North Fife

Where's the white sheep of the family? It seems the world is upside down as I drove into Newburgh today past the fallen trees, branch and leaf strewn roads, what was white is now black. Actually these are the offspring of Jacob sheep, so only joking.

Art Interactive with Jan Hendry Artist North Fife

Jan in her studio The Steeple Newburgh North Fife. Jan sources her pigments in Fife drawing on her geological knowledge of minerals. The weekend course offers a unique opportunity to learn and create artworks in six different activities, free with a modest contribution towards materials.

Art Interactive, Click image to see details more clearly.

High Winds North Fife

Rainbow over Logie farm on the Barony Road. April shower type weather in May and Autumnal winds demolishing a tree just a mile further along the way.

The River Tay Bridge was closed due to high winds and traffic was diverted from Dundee via Perth, North Fife traffic filtered through Newburgh and along the Barony road which follows the Tay estuary. Obstacles were frequent as with this Beech tree which just missed a passing car. The conditions caused journeys to be 50+ miles longer.

Blown down by the high winds. Snapped off in its prime.