Monday, May 23, 2011

Weather Wonders: Incredible Clouds and Weather Events from Above and Below

What ever the weather we seem to get more of it, wetter, drier, hotter, colder, windier, you name it, us Brits have a common meeting point in easily talking about it. This wonderful publication depicts it all very well on 256 pages. For sale from Thursday 26th May 2011

Weather Wonders: Incredible Clouds and Weather Events from Above and Below.Weather Wonders is a visual celebration of the diversity and unpredictability of the weather in all its forms - from the benign beauty of a clear sky to the explosive impact of lightning and hurricanes.

It brings into focus the majesty, power and beauty of the world s weather and how it affects every one of us: dressing for the heat of summer or for the depths of a winter freeze. One thing is sure weather is here to stay.

This is a fascinating and beautiful collection of over 200 photographs, ranging from satellite images of developing fronts and global weather patterns, to ground-based photographs of cloud formations.

Also included are optical phenomena such as rainbows, sun pillars and aurora, and breath-taking weather events such as lightning and tornadoes.

Produced in association with the Met Office, the world's premier organisation for the collection and interpretation of data relating to the world's weather, this is one of the books with a wow factor . The texts have been written by Gordon Higgins, a meteorologist for over 40 years, and former Head of Communications at the Met Office, so the book is not only full of stunning photography but also of high scientific value.

FOREWORD BY PAUL HARDACRE, Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society
- World Maps and Wider Views
- Cloud Formations
- Hurricanes and Dramatic Weather
- Climate Change
- Low Clouds
- Medium Clouds
- High Clouds
- Special Clouds
- Optical Phenomena
- Extreme Weather

The Met Office is one of the world's leading providers of environmental and weather-related services. Their solutions and services meet the needs of industries and individuals through broadcasts and on-line media in the UK and around the world.
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