Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plants at the Margin: Ecological Limits and Climate Change

Plants at the Margin: Ecological Limits and Climate Change by R. M. M. Crawford, University of St Andrews, North Fife, Scotland.

Margins are by their very nature environmentally unstable - does it therefore follow that plant populations adapted for life in such areas will prove to be pre-adapted to withstand the changes that may be brought about by a warmer world? Biogeography, demography, reproductive biology, physiology and genetics all provide cogent explanations as to why limits occur where they do, and the purpose of this book is to bring together these different avenues of enquiry. Crawford's numerous beautiful illustrations of plants in their natural habitats remind us that the environment remains essential to our understanding of plants and their function. This book is suited to students, researchers and anyone with an interest in the impact of climate change on our world.

• Stunning full colour photographs illustrate an array of natural environments, emphasising the ways plants adjust to their environment and bringing the topic to life
• Contains examples from nearly every part of the world, including Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, coastal and mountain vegetation from the Baltic to the Alps, North America, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand and the Arctic
• Clarity in scientific explanations that makes it accessible to the general reader.

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Becoming more and more meaningful.Plants at the Margin: Ecological Limits and Climate Change

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