Saturday, May 21, 2011

Comfrey: Past, Present and Future [Paperback] Lawrence D. Hills

Comfrey flowers. We grow comfrey plants to provide liquid fertiliser as recommended by Lawrence D. Hills.

Comfrey: Past, Present and Future [Paperback]
Lawrence D. Hills
Comfrey is noted by both organic gardeners and herbalists for its great usefulness and versatility. Of particular interest is the 'Bocking 14' cultivar of Russian Comfrey. This strain was developed during the 1950s by Lawrence D. Hills, who founded the organic gardening organization now known as Garden Organic. Lawrence D. Hills was the world authority on comfrey. In this book, he wrote for farmers and gardeners in all countries, showing how this useful plant could be cultivated in both tropical and temperate zones to produce a crop equally rewarding for gardener, smallholder and mechanized farmer. Subtitled ‘Past, Present and Future,’ on its publication in 1976, this was the most comprehensive survey of the properties and cultivation of comfrey ever, and Comfrey remains undoubtedly the essential book on the subject, as well as a lasting testament to Lawrence D. Hills’s indefatigable efforts to achieve a better understanding of it.

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A very useful publication. Buy here.Comfrey: Past, Present and Future

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