Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ninewells Hospital Tayside

On Wednesday 25th May my right knee was replaced following my left in September last year. This time round I was "fast tracked" no one ran pushing the bed from here to there but by sheer professionalism and skill of all the caring participants I am today walking unaided after just two nights in. I am truly grateful to our N.H.S and Benedict Clift in particular. I had a great and happy time in Ninewells, I'll post more photos when taken.

After the wound is stapled together a small catheter is installed to automatically administer local anaesthetic around the full knee replacement, It worked wonderfully.

A slight leak revealed on removal of the dressing. Relatively superficial blood loss so just a matter of time waiting for the tissue to meld and the staples removed.

This was the last wound dressing applied before leaving, a simple gauze covered in a transparent adhesive patch, really handy allowing inspection without having to remove.

Gemma Barclay (pixie) nursing student about to apply the heart monitor. Ninewells is a teaching hospital and centre of excellence, a good place to enrol for the Medical profession.

Nursing assistants changing bedding. Bedding is changed the instant it becomes soiled no matter how many times that might happen through spillage or blood loss etc. Impressive Eh?

My bed for two nights.

James Finlayson in the opposite bed looking forward to going home.

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