Saturday, October 02, 2010

Knee replacement Ninewells Hospital Tayside

For a period of 28 years I have endured damaged joints, in June this year I alerted the orthopaedic department at Ninewells Hospital Dundee Tayside. A wee wait of 12 weeks and remedial corrective surgery has started. Thank goodness we have a National Health Service which is open to all.
My special thanks to:-
Benedict Clift, Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon.
Amar Malhas, Registrar.
Graeme McCleod, Anaesthesia and Neural Researcher.
Dr Satapathy, Anaesthetist.
All the unseen theatre staff.

My bed which for 5 days was home from home.

Jane and Allison a Barts trained senior staff nurse who along with the many others made my stay in ward 16 a very happy one, I am thankful to all of them for their compassion and care.

In the anaesthetic prep room, a high resolution scan used to identify femoral nerves for exact placement of a Perineural infusion via a tiny catheter which can be patient controlled. An on-going research project headed and taught by Graeme McCleod. Researching activity in Anaesthesia is based within the Centre for Neuroscience at Ninewells Hospital. An important field given the toxicity of anaesthetics, this process facilitates minimal use and a speedier recovery.

Poster reminding us all of the importance of Hygiene, everywhere in Ninewells hospital there are antiseptic gel dispensers, staff carry their own, indeed prior to my operation swabs were taken from my body, just in case there are dangerous bacteria lurking. Infection is a very real danger that is now being more fully addressed.

That is how it was and now a perfectly aligned leg with new parts as shown below.

Still missing a knee cap but what the hell I'm truly thankful for the improvement.
A long grind to get back to full use. I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

So glad to read your reassuring blog! I'm scheduled for surgery on Ward 16 at Ninewells on Christmas Eve, and apprehensive!

Peter Mannox said...

Relax, the team are very competent, infection rates are miniscule and I'm sure all will be all-right. I spent a Christmas in hospital once, it was brilliant.