Friday, October 15, 2010

Water North Fife Blog Action Day

The River Tay, one of the cleanest in the UK. I see it daily including the rain that maintains it. It is still relatively clean because there is not much industrial development between here and its source at Loch Tay in Perthshire, there are agri-chemicals though and less of these would be of benefit.

Tayview 15th October.

Today is Blog Action Day on the subject of water. Clean water, an absolute requirement for healthy life of any kind. Throughout the world many millions of us are dependent upon sustained provision. Here in North Fife we are water rich and even in times of drought there is provision from a deep bore well that taps into an underground river that flows North South deep under The River Tay, clean, free of contaminants and possibly 100s of years old. Contamination is a big problem world wide either through industrial or agri-chemical pollution and over use.
What can be done?
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Reduction of pollution of all kinds is a good start and mindfulness of our own uses and disposal. Conservation too.
We can only change ourselves in attitude.
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Mindfulness of it and others.

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