Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Redcurrant Food North Fife

Redcurrant flowers earlier this year at Flisk North Fife.

Redcurrants. Now is the time, each day I do battle with a huge population of Blackbirds as we compete for the ripest, they tend to win of course having been at them since day break, 4-00 am, I'm out 3 or 4 hours later making a clatter to chase them off. Today I gathered a Kilo or two and so we share.
Here is a recipe for redcurrant sauce which is a mouth watering accompaniment with fish and meats particularly duck.

450 grams of redcurrants
1 tablespoon caster sugar
a pinch of salt.

Add all to a pan and bring to the boil, remove from heat immediately, let stand and then puree most through a sieve, return to the pan, stir with the few remaining whole fruits and pour over the fish or meat.

Monday, June 28, 2010

St Andrews Preservation Trust

Sunday June 27th The St Andrews Preservation Trust opened 12 hidden gardens in St Andrews. I attended one to witness the horn playing, it was brilliant a day, sunny, warm and wished I could have divided myself to view the other venues, as it was I was captivated by this one alone. Relaxed, entertaining and enjoyable.

Jolly Green Granny, one of the stall holders in St John's Garden.

Advertised as Scottish Vienna Horns St John's Garden St Andrews, I thought they're French Horns.

Scottish Vienna Horns playing in St John's Garden St Andrews North Fife. The garden and adjoining properties were once owned by the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St John and its use can be traced back to 1580. Still in use, music and singing, medicine itself.

Haydays Singers St Andrews

The Haydays Singers, an octave or three above my level but an absolute delight to hear.

Haydays Singers St John's Garden South Street St Andrews as part of the entertainment organised by St Andrews Preservation Trust.

Haydays Singers, Deep in my Heart, in St John's Garden St Andrews.

St Andrews Harbour Cathedral Castle

St Andrews holds a special place in Scotland's history. It takes its name from the Apostle whose relics, legend tells us, were brought to this place in antiquity by St Rule. Scotland later adopted St Andrew as patron saint and took the saltire cross for the flag. Before the Reformation, the town was the centre of religious life in medieval Scotland, with the bishops wielding great influence over both church and state. St Andrews is also famous as a place of learning. The university, founded in 1410-11, is the third oldest in Britain.

St Andrews Cathedral.

St Andrews Cathedral.

Boats St Andrews Harbour.

The Boat comes home.

St Andrews Harbour and Castle North Fife.

Coming and going St Andrews harbour. Just about making it under the bridge.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Roses North Fife 2010

June and one of the best prolonged spells of sunny days we've had for a good while. This year has been really prolific in flower production perhaps becauise of the colder than normal winter. It just seems that way, whatever, the roadsides are ablaze with roses. All will be maturing into hips, come the Autumn literally tons of hips could be harvested for syrup within a square mile of here in north fife. I find it a really joyous sight.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fly Fishing Loch Mill North Fife 2010

North Fife. Lochmill, Newburgh is one of the hidden gems of the town, it lies a mile or so South West.
It is a very quiet, beautiful and tranquil spot where people may picnic in solitude and watch the Great Crested Grebes, Coots, Moorhens and Herons amongst others.It also provides excellent fly fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout. Day tickets for fishing can be obtained from Last Orders in the High Street.

Fly fishing.

Small fry in the shallow waters around Loch Mill.

Looking west from the Loch Mill road from Newburgh to the confluence of the Rivers Earn and Tay.

Quarry Newburgh, on way to and from Loch Mill one passes this quarry, it ofers good climbing though emerging at the top presents a challenge with the gorse bushes.

Ladyburn House Skinners Steps Cupar North Fife Property for sale

Ladyburn House Skinners Steps Cupar North Fife for sale.
Offers over £270,000
* Property Type : Detached
* Public Rooms : 3
* Bedrooms : 4
* Bathrooms : 3
* Garden : yes
* Garage : no

A charming traditional detached villa set within mature walled garden grounds. The property has off street parking and old dairy outbuildings. Ladyburn villa is located a short distance from the centre and train station.

Reception hallway. Lounge. Family room. Dining room. Kitchen. Four bedrooms. Bathroom. Utility room. WC/cloaks. GCH & DG

If you have a family of school age children then Cupar is the place to be. Bell Baxter Secondary School has an excellent reputation as does Elmwood College of Futher Education. Plus, Cupar has good rail and road links to rest of Scotland and beyond.

North Fife Blog.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice North Fife

Happy Solstice,. I hope you are enjoying the longest day.
The Summer Solstice occurs exactly when the Earth's axial tilt is most inclined towards the sun at its maximum of 23° 26'. Though the Summer Solstice is an instant in time, the term is also colloquially used like Midsummer to refer to the day on which it occurs. Except in the polar regions (where daylight is continuous for half of the year), the day on which the Summer Solstice occurs is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight. Thus the seasonal significance of the Summer Solstice is in the reversal of the gradual shortening of nights and lengthening of days. The summer solstice occurs in June in the Northern Hemisphere, in December in the Southern Hemisphere.
A great day, warm and suitably sunny. Below a few shots of flowers taken today in the garden and nearby.



Wild Roses by the roadside, rich in colour due to being back lit by the sun.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Methil and District Pipe Band play Newburgh Highland Games

Methil and District Pipe Band Play at Newburgh Highland Games June 19th 2010.

Newburgh Highland Games June 19th 2010

Newburgh Highland Games 19th June 2010. A glorious day, bright and sunny with a cooling north wind. Newburgh games are compared to others really relaxed and happy, anyone can enter. There are continual simultaneous happenings and much to interest any visitor.

Methil Pipe Band.

Handicap track event.

Broken arm and still running.

Keep on running.

Nearly at the finish.

The tape. Phew.


Pibroch Competitors.

Strawberry and cream for the sensual.

Highland dancers.

The Hornpipe.

Scottish Dance Newburgh Highland Games.

Push and wheelchair races spontaneously happening as a by the way.

Hand made flowers by Tan.

Celebrating Fife 2010 Cobble Heritage Boat Races, August 14th from 2 PM.

The silvery Tay 19th June next to which the Newburgh games took place.

Newburgh Highland Games Heavyweights

Caber Capers. These lumps of wood are extremely heavy and it takes power to throw them about.

Caber throwing.

Caber tossers.

Heavyweight event in process.

It's up and well over the bar.

And again.

Mother and daughter Debbie engrossed in the action.

Heavy weight throwing, it's about to fly. These guys really like to throw their weight about.

The hammer 16 lbs of iron.

About to let go.

It's away.

Hammer Throwing