Sunday, June 20, 2010

Newburgh Highland Games June 19th 2010

Newburgh Highland Games 19th June 2010. A glorious day, bright and sunny with a cooling north wind. Newburgh games are compared to others really relaxed and happy, anyone can enter. There are continual simultaneous happenings and much to interest any visitor.

Methil Pipe Band.

Handicap track event.

Broken arm and still running.

Keep on running.

Nearly at the finish.

The tape. Phew.


Pibroch Competitors.

Strawberry and cream for the sensual.

Highland dancers.

The Hornpipe.

Scottish Dance Newburgh Highland Games.

Push and wheelchair races spontaneously happening as a by the way.

Hand made flowers by Tan.

Celebrating Fife 2010 Cobble Heritage Boat Races, August 14th from 2 PM.

The silvery Tay 19th June next to which the Newburgh games took place.

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