Friday, June 11, 2010

Caldmore Walsall West Midlands

These photographs were taken in a house on the lower end of Caldmore Street Walsall. It was adjoined to a leather works at the rear, the family had prospered and indeed it was quality furnished with late Victorian and early Edwardian furniture throughout, unfortunately the owner, ill for many years in a home for the elderly had her dwelling constantly burgled and robbed. We were there to clear it in readiness for house sale.

John at Great Aunt Maud's house Caldmore walsall West Midlands.

Maud threw nothing away, the attic contained radios (wireless) from the year dot, glass accumulater (battery) operated and later mains. Gas lights were still operative, it was a time capsule.

A fireplace, Maud was obviousely a Royalist.

The Kitchen.

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