Sunday, June 06, 2010

Funday Newburgh North Fife 2010

Funday, Newburgh North Fife, In spite of the cool and rainy weather a great time was had by all with much relaxed joy and happiness.

Newburgh Funday Parade

Burgers and sausage on the go.

Getting ready.

Nice one.


Yes it's a small world.


Tullis Russell Mills Band

Funday beauties.

Much happiness.

The parasol was handy for the rain.

Julie radiant as ever.

Newburgh Primary School Choir giving it all.

Morris getting it.

Funday Newburgh 2010

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Lauren said...

Very interesting game, whilst we here in South Africa, playing the vuvusela, or kudusela, a trumpet sound by blowing with your lips onto the edge of the instrument, all geared for kick off on Saturday.
Greetings from south.