Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Wild Roses North Fife

Wild White Roses, June is the month when the roses abound in the hedgerows and wayside here in North Fife, taking over from the may blossom. White are the first quickly joined by the pink ones with the occasional red sprinkled about.

When photographing these roses and driving slowly I came across a Partridge running ahead of me on the road and run it did. The bird then flew a while and landed, this went on for half a mile or so, eventually I passed it and stopped, it flapped up onto a fence post and remained allowing me to approach to within a few yards. Magic.

Red Legged Partridge, really beautiful, introduced for the shooters and should you come across any one way or the other then the publication below may be of help.

The Poacher's Cookbook. A reviewer states,
Prue Coats has written another winner. Anyone who wants to find delicious and original ways of cooking fare from field and hedgerow (legally or illegally gathered!!) should look no further. Her stories are funny and delightful and the recipes easy to follow. Fish, game, herbs, fruits and veg from our beautiful British countryside are all covered here. And even if you are not a poacher, there's plenty for anyone even remotely interested in country cooking.
RRP: £11.99
Price: £8.29 To Buy:-. Poacher's Cookbook: Game and Country Recipes

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