Saturday, June 12, 2010

BlackEarnside Tartan Army A.G.M.

Each year William Wallace is remembered for his victory over the English by the BlackEarnside Tartan Army. A plaque of commemoration has been installed in this lay-by on the Barony Road from Newburgh.
An apt venue for the A.G.M.

On this Site.

The Black Earnside Tartan Army. Here assembled on the site of the Battle in 1298

One of the battles of the War of Independance took place in the neighbourhood of Lindores Abbey, within ..the 'Forest of Irnsyde'.. Later historians find difficulty in reconciling the date assigned... (12 June, 1298) with other facts in Wallace's history; but Blair, (Wallace's chaplain )... distinctly states that on the 12 June 1298, the guardian of the kingdom (Wallace) vanquished the English... at Ironside..., with their general... Aylmer de Valance, Earl of Pembroke.(Information from a Book 'Relations... Arnaldi Blair, capellani',) The battle is described by Blind Harry, the minstrel. The name of Wallace's Den... immemorially attached to a deep gully on the farm of Parkhill... affords presumptive evidence of the site of the battle.
(There is no good historical evidence for this battle, which apparently rests only on the authority of Blair, and Blind Harry (Henry the Minstrel).)
A Laing 1876.

The meeting concludes.

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