Friday, June 18, 2010

George Cooke 1907

George Cooke was a caricatures artist who drew Edwardian music hall performers for the Grand Theatre of Varieties, in Hanley Worcestershire. He compiled them in a series of albums. This maybe the case but today I uncovered an original which backed a Japanese woodcut of an earlier date. 40 years ago I purchased hundreds of frames from antique shops for use of framing artworks of my own production and other works which I had an aesthetic appreciation. Anyway, having refound it I'm happy to offer it for sale to any interested party. Who the depicted people are, I don't know but the work is signed 1907. I have since been informed that the depicted people are "The Griffiths Brothers" A cleaned print reproduction can be supplied if you so wish.

This is the Japanese woodcut that covered the above. The artist is unknown to me, I have scanned the image and reproduce it as an giclee print on heavywieght art paper of archive quality.

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