Friday, July 31, 2009

Gooseberries North Fife

Gooseberries North Fife. Anyway this is a bowlful from the garden, actually on tasting they are quite sweet. Anyway, tonight cooked a quantity for a few minutes with sugar and cider to taste, not much, enough to stop them burning. Below, the outcome with freshly cooked cheese cake. Ummmm.

Over the next few days we will raid the bushes that occur in the wild, a very delicious fruit amongst many that can be found and not forgotten.

... handsome and readable ... will be enjoyed by people interested in the diversity of British fruit and vegetables and the stories behind their development. --Joy Larkcom, The Garden, September 2008 favourite book of the year. Written with passion and real knowledge of his subject ... you will be inspired. --Monty Don, Daily Mail

a feast of pleasure . fantastic, meticulously researched, wonderful descriptions, lots of anecdotes, lots of practical advice . a serious work and fascinating read ... plenty of humour . hugely important. --Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time - a Book of the Year.Review
... handsome and readable ... will be enjoyed by people interested in the diversity of British fruit and vegetables and the stories behind their development. --Joy Larkcom, The Garden, September 2008 favourite book of the year. Written with passion and real knowledge of his subject ... you will be inspired. --Monty Don, Daily Mail

a feast of pleasure . fantastic, meticulously researched, wonderful descriptions, lots of anecdotes, lots of practical advice . a serious work and fascinating read ... plenty of humour . hugely important. --Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time - a Book of the Year. Forgotten Fruits: The Stories Behind Britain's Traditional Fruit and Vegetables: A Guide to Britain's Traditional Fruit and Vegetables from Orange Jelly Gooseberries and Dan's Mistake Turnips

Thursday, July 30, 2009

All Bull North Fife

All Bull. A neighbour of ours at Creich. I stopped to say hello to be greeted by a low grumble as he peered across the road to the field with the cows. Frustrated, unable to fulfil his testosterone fuelled imperative.

We wandered along sharing the same feeling. It happens to a lot of us in north fife.

The River Tay Skies North Fife

River Tay Skies North Fife. Always changing, always a delight and something that I will always enjoy. Taken last night and today.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lori Watson at The Big Tent North Fife

Lori Watson Three.

Lori Watson on the Hullabaloo stage at The Big Tent Festival Falkland North Fife

5.0 out of 5 stars Skillful, assured debut from a rising talent, 5 Feb 2008
By R.L. Holly "piper909" (Austin, TX USA) - See all my reviews
"Three" is a very smart and finely crafted first album from Lori Watson and her bandmates. Like an old-fashioned wedding, this disc of contemporary and traditional Scottish folk offers something old, something new, some things borrowed and some things blue. The musicianship is impeccable and the production warm and precise. Watson is best known as a soulful fiddle player grounded in the roots of tradition but she is also an expressive singer on these tracks, with a silky smooth and admirably restrained voice. She breathes new life into these old tales of love and loss, tragedy and triumph.

A wonderful charmer of an album that promises fine music from Watson and her "Rule of Three" (the new band moniker) for years to come. Jump on this train before it leaves the station! Three

Monday, July 27, 2009

The big Tent July 25 North Fife

Review Scotsman
WHILE the clans were out in force in Edinburgh, a meeting of a different kind was happening in Falkland, Fife, bringing home the fact that a sustainable future for Scotland is a tangible reality rather than a pipe dream. The glorious Big Tent festival, which began only four years ago, in the wake of the Gleneagles G8 summit, is growing fast. I counted over 40 tents of all shapes and sizes at this year’s event, a hub for environmental debate as well as music, crafts, delicious local food, quirky activities and unadulterated fun.

Way in to the Body and Soul Zone. The Big Tent Falkland.


Greengift Company

Meanwhile on the Big Hullabaloo Stage.

Mr McFall's Chamber Orchestra.

Theresa O'Connor owner of Rosiglo Hand Made Natural Skin and Body Care Products. Tel 0131 672 2923 email

Recycle Remake Reuse. More information.

A pair wearing the days phoenix masks quenching the flames. The tents family zone housed a 6 foot paper phoenix rising from the flames. Designed by Polly Verity from Edinburgh with painted paper feather additions made by visitors. The Phoenix is a symbol of regeneration, creating new from the old (regeneration) in keeping with the core aims of the Big Tent.

Phoenix. What a truly happy and creative gaggle of ladies making jewellery, crafts, art and hand painted furniture from recycled materials. Contact email

Chocolate at the Chocolate tree, always a winner

Wooden spoon making.

Lesley Campbell owner of East Vows Complementary Health a holistic, complementary therapy centre based in Kirkcaldy, Fife, catering for a wide range of pain relief, sports, relaxation and general wellbeing treatments for domestic and business clients throughout Fife and the surrounding areas.

Holistic therapy covers natural alternatives to conventional western medicine, using the body's own innate healing powers to provide effective treatment. From pain relief and injury rehabilitation to relaxation and stress management, East Vows provides clients with friendly, professional treatment, at realistic rates. Run by Lesley Campbell, a professional therapist for over 8 years, we draw on a wealth of experience to provide the finest healing services in the Fife area, including:

Daoyin Tao
Sports Massage
Remedial Massage

East Vows Complimentary Health. Lesley Campbell, 182 Esplanade, Kirkcaldy, Tel 01592 268215.

Woodland Wizard Workshops.

Willow weaving.

Willow work. Willow work and sustainability.

Falkland Palace Orchard.

Alchemy mobile foundry, here with two giant bellows to oxygenate the coals for the melt.Scottish artist Roddy Mathieson graduated in Sculpture from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art ten years ago, and has gone on to develop his practice in public art, direct his own unique foundry, and produce a prolific and diverse portfolio of works.

His work is informed by skills, processes, and materials, and is influenced by landscape, and the elements that shape it. Researching themes of site-specifics and our relationship with nature, Mathieson has produced landmark works such as ‘Sanctuary’ in North Uist, and M∞ in Glasgow.

Not content with using diesel and propane powered foundries Mathieson set about creating his own environmentally friendly foundry. Engaging with the landscape he processed natural materials and harnessed the elements to create ‘Alchemy’ - the award winning mobile foundry that employs traditional techniques to create contemporary works.

Cuttlefish bone moulds ready to take molten pewter, a very low temperature alloy of lead and tin. The tin hardens the alloy and lowers the melt temperature.

Harmony Healing. Julia Anne Connelly. Transdermal herbal medicine and Pure essential oils.

Harmony Healing Centre
1 Carnbee Cottage
Anstruther. KY10 2RU. 01333 720359

Bee Keeping and a chance to discuss bee issues.

On The Big Hullabaloo Stage

It's amazing who one may meet.

Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth, wonderful wanderers from the proud country of Oblivia.

Branson getting in on the act, What's he like.

Bernard MacLaverty at The Big Tent North Fife

Bernard MacLaverty, novelist, short-storywriter and film director. I was too late to hear and participate in his stint in the Poetry tent hosted by Lapidus Scotland. An unknown to me, We met as he was leaving, I related and questioned him, do you have a brother called Peter? Yes. Does Peter have a friend called Peter Docherty? Yes. I sensed at this point he thought I was a dubious stalker, anyway a quick exchange resolved the moment. What hidden hand puts us where we wander, my connection with the two Peters happened 43 or so years ago, the upshot being that I travelled with them back to Belfast from Birmingham. I was an Art College student in Birmingham and they at Queens University Belfast. It was before the troubles and yet as an innocent abroad to see policemen toting pistols was quite a shock and in certain areas the curbstones were painted red white and blue with gable end murals in the protestant cause. We caught the bus or took a taxi through such places. Historically Ulster has always been the troublesome county. What synchronicity in our meeting taking place remains to be seen. Since Saturday I have discovered That Bernard is an award winning and renowned writer and have no hesitation in promoting his book. Matters of life and Death.

Bernard MacLaverty, Matters of Life And Death. Matters of Life and Death
" These are stories in the easiest and most pleasurable sense of the word. MacLaverty's work is in a line from Chekhov, via Frank O' Connor."
- "Guardian"
" A masterly control of pace and structure, pitch-perfect capturing of voice, characterization that has spot-on credibility."
- "Sunday Times"
" This stupendous new book . . . crucial, shattering sentences that express modestly, monumentally the achievement of this extraordinary writer. He is behind your eyes before you feel his thinking knife."
- "Scottish Review of Books"

Sunday Times - Rev'd Trevor Lewis
'This fascinating autobiography contains some superb battle

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Big Tent 2009 North Fife

The Big Tent, Falkland North Fife isn't just about music, sustainable living, alternative ways, its about becoming aware, about being happy and creating positive change. More on the event tomorrow and the next day.
This Year 2010

Tom Provost discusses burr elm.

Woodwork crafts Zone.

John Hodgson Woodworks.

Don Abbott and Michaela Huber displays.

Design Gallery.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Bombs away, a perennial wish of all into nuclear disarmament.

The Big Shed. A proposed development on Loch Tay to serve the surrounding communities.

Rasta man.

Inclusive reggae roots music at The Big Tent.

Happy visitors from the far north and a wee bit south enjoying lightish refreshment at the Big Tent Falkland North Fife.

Falkland in Bloom.

Sustainable communities initiatives,

The Fife Diet is a local eating experiment which aims to re-think the way we grow, shop and eat our food.

Fife Cycleways. 300 miles of cycle route along quiet country lanes, disused railway lines and forest tracks as well as commuter routes in towns. Fife has it all. Castles, beautiful coastline and beaches, historic fishing villages and gently rolling countryside for biking.

What is really good about the Big Tent event is the space and availability of good quality food, relaxed happy others.

Cairno'Mohr fruit wine, in a word brilliant. As the day went on a need for refreshment occured, one couldn't do much better than to imbibe a glass or three of these wines. I prefer red but there are many to choose from. It is happy happenstance that Errol is but 4 miles across The River Tay from my home in North Fife. Cheers.

Not every ones cup of tea but there you go.

Trees For Life, replanting the Caledonian Forest. Conservation week Enquiry Line. 0845 6027386

Quality organic food enjoyed by many.

Pillars of Hercules organic farm and shop.

Permaculture and Scottish Prehistoric Sites

Linlithgo Climate Change.

Scottish Ecological Design Association.

The book of inspiration.

The book of inspiration on a poignant appeal.