Saturday, July 11, 2009

Potato Growing North Fife

Fields of potatoes at Pittachope farm North Fife which lies nearby Brunton. Fife was once latticed with railway lines, these were used to transport the huge potato production from this area, sadly these have largely gone and certainly everything now goes by road. A short sighted political act to encourage vehicle production and road building for the vested interests, of course embankments, bridges, halts and stations have gone, a ruined infrastructure. Och well that's progress for you.

Potato field north fife in bloom.

Potato flowers and below a wee bit closer.

Potatoes, a member of the nightshade family originally from South America.

A passion for Potatoes. A reviewer; Another great book from Paul Gayler. Everything you could think of doing with potatoes and more, ranging from the everyday to stylish dinner party nosh. As with all Paul Gayler books all the recipies really work - it's an excellent everyday reference book as well as providing inspiration for something special.A Passion for Potatoes

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