Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Brunton North Fife 2009

The Beeches Brunton North Fife Built 1847 and was for a time the post office and long ago was closed in the name of progress just as the photo below is suffering the same fate. Och I know it's merely change. Click on the nearby below.

Nearby in Brunton.

The Beeches, built in whinstone, an extremely hard igneous basalt rock construction very typical of this part of fife. Whinstone is hard to cleave and dress and for door and window surrounds sandstone was used which is termed freebed. On the chimneys can be seen stonework sticking out 12 inches or so above the slate roof indicating that originally the roof was thatched with local reeds from the river Tay. Because of ancient volcanic activity it is not uncommon to find geodes of quartz, cornelian, amethyst, agates randomly in the surrounding fields. Indeed, years ago when levelling ground to create a lawn in my garden many were put aside only to be thrown back with the knowledge that we lived bedded on semi precious stones.

Looking to the rear of The Beeches.

More views of Brunton, a very lovely, quiet hamlet snuggled aside the north fife ridge.

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Anonymous said...

Marvellous wee village or is it a hamlet? We park in Luthrie and walk to it from there, either way round. I had a great-uncle and aunt who lived there in the fifties and I used to cycle there to visit.