Monday, July 27, 2009

The big Tent July 25 North Fife

Review Scotsman
WHILE the clans were out in force in Edinburgh, a meeting of a different kind was happening in Falkland, Fife, bringing home the fact that a sustainable future for Scotland is a tangible reality rather than a pipe dream. The glorious Big Tent festival, which began only four years ago, in the wake of the Gleneagles G8 summit, is growing fast. I counted over 40 tents of all shapes and sizes at this year’s event, a hub for environmental debate as well as music, crafts, delicious local food, quirky activities and unadulterated fun.

Way in to the Body and Soul Zone. The Big Tent Falkland.


Greengift Company

Meanwhile on the Big Hullabaloo Stage.

Mr McFall's Chamber Orchestra.

Theresa O'Connor owner of Rosiglo Hand Made Natural Skin and Body Care Products. Tel 0131 672 2923 email

Recycle Remake Reuse. More information.

A pair wearing the days phoenix masks quenching the flames. The tents family zone housed a 6 foot paper phoenix rising from the flames. Designed by Polly Verity from Edinburgh with painted paper feather additions made by visitors. The Phoenix is a symbol of regeneration, creating new from the old (regeneration) in keeping with the core aims of the Big Tent.

Phoenix. What a truly happy and creative gaggle of ladies making jewellery, crafts, art and hand painted furniture from recycled materials. Contact email

Chocolate at the Chocolate tree, always a winner

Wooden spoon making.

Lesley Campbell owner of East Vows Complementary Health a holistic, complementary therapy centre based in Kirkcaldy, Fife, catering for a wide range of pain relief, sports, relaxation and general wellbeing treatments for domestic and business clients throughout Fife and the surrounding areas.

Holistic therapy covers natural alternatives to conventional western medicine, using the body's own innate healing powers to provide effective treatment. From pain relief and injury rehabilitation to relaxation and stress management, East Vows provides clients with friendly, professional treatment, at realistic rates. Run by Lesley Campbell, a professional therapist for over 8 years, we draw on a wealth of experience to provide the finest healing services in the Fife area, including:

Daoyin Tao
Sports Massage
Remedial Massage

East Vows Complimentary Health. Lesley Campbell, 182 Esplanade, Kirkcaldy, Tel 01592 268215.

Woodland Wizard Workshops.

Willow weaving.

Willow work. Willow work and sustainability.

Falkland Palace Orchard.

Alchemy mobile foundry, here with two giant bellows to oxygenate the coals for the melt.Scottish artist Roddy Mathieson graduated in Sculpture from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art ten years ago, and has gone on to develop his practice in public art, direct his own unique foundry, and produce a prolific and diverse portfolio of works.

His work is informed by skills, processes, and materials, and is influenced by landscape, and the elements that shape it. Researching themes of site-specifics and our relationship with nature, Mathieson has produced landmark works such as ‘Sanctuary’ in North Uist, and M∞ in Glasgow.

Not content with using diesel and propane powered foundries Mathieson set about creating his own environmentally friendly foundry. Engaging with the landscape he processed natural materials and harnessed the elements to create ‘Alchemy’ - the award winning mobile foundry that employs traditional techniques to create contemporary works.

Cuttlefish bone moulds ready to take molten pewter, a very low temperature alloy of lead and tin. The tin hardens the alloy and lowers the melt temperature.

Harmony Healing. Julia Anne Connelly. Transdermal herbal medicine and Pure essential oils.

Harmony Healing Centre
1 Carnbee Cottage
Anstruther. KY10 2RU. 01333 720359

Bee Keeping and a chance to discuss bee issues.

On The Big Hullabaloo Stage

It's amazing who one may meet.

Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth, wonderful wanderers from the proud country of Oblivia.

Branson getting in on the act, What's he like.

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