Monday, July 06, 2009

Foxgloves North Fife 2009

Foxgloves are everywhere right now and are a real pleasure to see. They also provide a strong heart medicine, digitalis, sold as "digoxin" and only on prescription. It is supposed to regulate the heart as a guard against heart failure. I take it and so far it seems to work.

Foxgloves. Can't paint? Don't know what to paint? "The Paint It" series is the answer. Leading artists present a range of popular subjects and each "Paint It" contains one step-by-step demonstration, the full-sized finished picture, plus an A3 tracing of the picture outline - so you don't need any drawing skills at all. Just transfer the subject image on to the painting surface, then follow the stage photographs, which clearly illustrate what you should do next. All the authors use some interesting techniques to create their pictures, with many tips and ideas for using colour, creating distance, mixing greens and more, so even more experienced artists will find something new here. This title features: one project; one tracing; step-by-step instructions; and, a project taken from "Ready to Paint: Flowers in Acrylics".Foxgloves in Acrylics (Paint it)

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