Friday, September 30, 2011

Rapeseed Harvest North Fife 2011

Harvesting rapeseed, at last a spell of warm drying weather, the harvesting of seed crops this year has been touch and go and a good month later than usual. Combining was close to the ground and taken slowly to ensure maximum collection of seed.

Later in the evening a wander down by the riverside Newburgh North Fife. Fantastic light.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ducks North Fife September 2011

Ducks hiding from a raptor, locally we have kestrels, sparrow hawks, buzzards and latterly sea eagles passing by hunting. Our Orpingtons cockerel keeps watch and alerts the poultry of potential danger. Here they are taking cover.

Ducks emerging from the danger and feeding.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunset River Tay September 24th North Fife

First photograph taken on my Nikon D7000, similar view, different sky form of course to pics taken on a Nikon D90 in the past. If you have a mind to, please comment.

Sunset September 24th the River Tay North Fife

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Borage Oil Cream Treatments

Borage Oil is one of those herbal remedies that really work, is safe to use even on babies for a wide range of conditions. If you have a need then look no further than the linked site below, I think you will be happy you found it.

Borage flowers also known as starflower is now grown worldwide for its medicinal powers in fact you could grow yourself, the flowers and leaves are edible to good effect. Oil is obtained by cold pressing, huge amounts are needed, this can be done at home or to save oneself, ready prepared products can be purchased from much acclaimed Rosie Laing Herbal Preparations.

Rosie Laing first created Borage seed oil products in 1992. These products dealt mainly with negative skin conditions.
In 1994 she was awarded the John Logie-Baird Award for Innovation, having created a "profoundly effective cure for major skin problems," increasingly prescribed by GPs.
A wide range of benefits have been discovered across the world by scientists and naturopaths alike.
There is a growing awareness that many illnesses can be treated in a more holistic manner, looking at the whole being and his or her environment to find solutions. A significant cause of many of today's ills is insufficient dietary linoleic acid in the diet. Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is manufactured by the body from dietary linoleic acid which should be readily available in a natural varied diet, but it is now sadly inhibited by the use of pesticides, preservatives etc.
Borage acts as a restorative agent on the adrenal cortex, which means it will revive and renew the the adrenal glands after medical treatment with cortisone or steriods. This why it is so effective in cases of asthma and allergic reactions,especially after immunisation in young infants where an epidemic of
asthma and eczema have become the norm, because of the shock to their immature adrenals.
Borage and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) Borage seed oil, nature's most potent source of GLA - up to 24%, when found in oils and toiletries rapidly promotes the following benefits:
Reduction of swelling in joints, especially in arthritis and rheumatism
Strengthening of the immune system
Reduction of water retention
Reduction of allergic reactions
Reduction of inflammation in asthma and hay fever
Healing of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
Slowing of aging process by stimulating blood circulation and metabolism
Healing of sun damaged skin - including melanomas, effective natural sun block
Inhibits growth of cancerous tumours and cysts
Treats Alopecia
Increases milk in lactating mothers
Published Research
Some examples of published research and sources:
Dermatitis (Eczema)
Transepidermal seborrhoeic dermatitis - By Toolesson and Frithz, Austria - Source: Acto-Derm-
Venereol, 1993 Feb; 73(1): 18-20
37 patients with clinically diagnosed infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis (ISD) were studied in an attempt to establish the significance of Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and water content in the stratum corneum, in active disease and after recovery. All the patients were treated daily with topically applied borage oil (containing 24% GLA). With this regimen they were completely free from all skin symptoms within 3 - 4 weeks. Analysis of essential fatty acids in serum showed aberrations as previously described , with elevated levels of 18:1w9 and 20:2w6. TEWL and water content were recorded at the time of diagnosis and after treatment from the right forearm in skin that was free from symptoms and not treated with borage oil. 25 healthy children in an age-matched group without skin disorder were
used as controls. Significant differences in TEWL between patients and controls were found before treatment. After treatment no significant differences between controls and patients were found. There were no significant differences between controls and patients regarding water content in the stratum corneum.
GLA is suggested to be of importance in maintaining normal TEL and also in promoting recovery in patients suffering from ISD.
Rheumatoid Arthritis A - 2328 - Levnthal LJ; Boyce EG; Zurier RB: - Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with GLA: see comments:: - Ann Intern Med: 119:9:867-73 (1993)OBJECTIVE: To assess the clinical efficacy and side effects of GLA, a plant-seed-derived essential fatty acid that suppresses inflammation and joint tissue injury in animal models.
DESIGN: A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 24 week trial.
SETTING: Rheumatology clinic of a university hospital.
PATIENTS: 37 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and active synovitis.
INTERVENTION: Treatment with 1.4g/d GLA in borage seed oil or cotton seed oil (placebo)
MEASUREMENTS: Physicians' and patients' global assessment of disease activity; joint tenderness, joint swelling, morning stiffness, grip strength, and ability to do daily activities.
RESULTS: Treatment with GLA resulted in clinically important reduction in the signs and symptoms of disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (P<0.05). In contrast, patients given a placebo showed no change or showed worsening of disease. GLA reduced the number of tender joints by 36%, the tender joint score by 45%, swollen joint count by 28% and the swollen joint score by 41%, whereas the placebo group did not show significant improvement in any measure. Overall clinical responses (significant change in four measures) we also better in the treatment group (P<0.05). No patients withdrew from GLA treatment because of adverse reactions.
CONCLUSION: GLA doses used in this study is a well-tolerated and effective treatment for active rheumatoid arthritis. GLA is available world-wide as a component of evening primrose and borage seed oils. It is usually taken in far lower doses than used in the trial. It is not approved in the United States for the treatment of any condition and should not be viewed as therapy for any disease.
Further controlled studies of its use in rheumatoid arthritis are warranted.
Cancer Lett 1995 Aug 1:94(2): 147-155
Local application of GLA in the treatment of human gliomas.
Das UN, Prasad VV, Reddy DR Department of Medicine, Nizam's Insitiute of Medical Sciences, Punjagutta, Hyderebad, India.
GLA (GLA) has been shown to have selective tumoricidal action both in vitro and in vivo. Earlier, in a limited clinical study, we have demonstrated the intra-tumoral administration of GLA can induce regression of human gliomas. In an extension of this study, we evaluated the effect of intracerebral injection of GLA on normal dog brain cells and in 15 patients with malignant gliomas.
Histopathological examination revealed that GLA is not cytotoxic to the normal dog brain cells. Administration of 10mg of GLA via a cerebral reservoir placed in the tumour bed, at the rate of 1mg/day over a period of ten days, revealed that GLA is not only safe and non-toxic, but can also regress cerebral gliomas as evaluated by computerised tomography and increased survival rate of patients by 1.5-2 years. Based on these results and on our earlier in vitro study, we suggest that GLA is a safe anti-tumour agent and recommend its use in the management of human gliomas. PMID:7634242, UI: 95360890 ------ A-430 - Van der Merwe CF; Booyens J; Katzeff IE:
Oral Gamma-linolenic acid in 21 patients with untreatable malignancy. An ongoing pilot open clinical trial: - Br J Clin Pract: 41:9:907-15 (1987)
These reports indicate that marked subjective improvement occurred in most of the 21 patients supplemented with GLA. In many cases there were distinct objective improvements, including weight gain, measurable reduction of tumor mass and radiological evidence of improvement.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Heavy clouds North Fife September 18th

There have been loads of cloudy sunsets lately some quite spectacular, more cloud than open sky giving occasional rainfall preventing further grain and rapeseed harvesting. No time to waste fields already done are being ploughed in readiness for winter sown seed. We've had a lot of rain this year, brilliant for growth but a hindrance the now.

Heavy clouds at sunset September 18th.

Moth or Hornet

Since childhood I have been fascinated by nature in its many forms, moths being one of my particular loves. Below is an example, it has transparent patches on its wings mimicking a hornet thus giving it protection from potential predators. This one readily walked onto my finger from being at rest, spread its wings, a lovely plump female alive in Kathmandu.

Nepalese Moth.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yachts on the River Tay North Fife

Yachts on the River Tay off Newburgh North Fife enjoying the evening light and breeze.

Tayview sunset September 17th.

Tayview 16th September 2011

Evening sky over the Tay 16th September, lovely subtle colour changes not quite captured in its fullness on my Nikon D90.
I'm tempted to upgrade to a Nikon D7000 which has significantly improved features and enhanced capabilities.
The Nikon D7000 is a D-SLR that offers exceptional image quality, reliability and performance packed into a durable and portable body. The D7000 is the ideal next camera for D-SLR owners who want to further indulge their passion for photography with a camera that boasts more advanced features providing creative power. It has a new image sensor, EXPEED 2, AF system and metering sensor to ensure great performance in a highly durable body. In fact, it has everything you need in your next SLR but in a size you wouldn't expect.
Exceptional image quality

The D7000 includes a range of new features to ensure superior image quality including 16.2 effective megapixels with the newly developed Nikon DX format CMOS image sensor. There is a new image-processing engine, EXPEED 2, which delivers higher image quality, higher speed processing and multiple functions with more power. And the D7000's increased ISO sensitivity (100-6400, extendable up to 25600) ensures exceptional detail with minimal noise when capturing fast moving subjects or in poor light situations, even without the flash.
If you too are thinking of buying this camera, look here. Nikon D7000 Body Only

Across the River Tay stubble and straw burning, a practice I thought had been outlawed on account of gratuitous Co2 emissions!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

River Cottage Veg Every Day! (River Cottage Every Day) [Hardcover]

River Cottage Veg every day. As always Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall leads the pack in promoting wise, nutritious, tasty foods that we can prepare ourselves. Most illnesses will have an antidote in the right foods.
Why don't we eat more veg? They're healthy, cost-effective and, above all, delicious. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall believes that it is time to put this to rights, as he explains in this brilliant new book. He's come up with an abundance of veg-tastic recipes, including a warm salad of grilled courgettes, lemon, garlic, mint and mozzarella, a winter giant couscous salad with herbs and walnuts, radishes with butter and salt, lemony guacamole, linguine with mint and almond pesto and cherry tomatoes, baby carrot risotto, new potato gnocchi, a summer stir-fry with green veg, ginger, garlic and sesame, a winter stir-fry with Brussels sprouts, shiitake mushrooms and five-spice, a cheesy tomato tart, a spring onion gallette, roast jacket chips with merguez spices and spiced yoghurt, curried bubble and squeak, scrambled eggs and asparagus with lemon, tomato gazpacho, pea and parsley soup, roast squash wedges, baba ganoush, beetroot houmous, spinach pasties and barbecued corn on the cob. With over 200 recipes and vibrant photography from Simon Wheeler, River Cottage Veg Every Day is a timely eulogy to the glorious green stuff.
Listening to him this morning being interviewed on Radio 4, the interviewer remarked on how well he looked, he admitted to have been exclusively on the meals promoted for a few good months. Before, Hugh, by example an omnivore too shows the the benefit of eating less meat.
Clear skin, bright eyes and his mind seemed sharp enough also.
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a writer, broadcaster and campaigner. His series for Channel 4 have earned him a huge popular following, while his River Cottage books have collected multiple awards including the Glenfiddich Trophy (twice), the Andre Simon Food Book of the Year (three times), the Michael Smith Award (twice) and, in the US, the James Beard Cookbook of the Year. Hugh lives in Devon with his family.
RRP: £25.00
Price: £12.50 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery. See details and conditions
You Save: £12.50 (50%)
I am buying this book myself, a bargain.
Too look further and or buy:- River Cottage Veg Every Day! (River Cottage Every Day)

River Tay Sunset 14th Sept 2011

Sunset over the River Tay yesterday, fabulous light, I never cease to enjoy the ever changing permutations of this view

Monday, September 12, 2011

River Tay Sunset September 9th 2011

Sunset over the River Tay Friday the 9th.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nepal Trekking

Nepal. Along the trail from Pokhara to Annapurna, Being a long trek up and down mountainsides there are resting places often shaded by a tree. The only way anyone or anything gets to these remote places in the Himalaya foot hills is to walk it, an ambulance is a basket on someone's back. Through exertion and altitude dehydration is a problem, fortunately water can be collected from streams and along the way teashops provide sweet milky tea. I remember not having a pee for several days and when the moment came there was a torrent of opaque black urine, what a detox! A fellow traveller rests awhile.

Bridge along the trail.

Rhododendron flowers backed by misty Annapurna peaks.

Rhododendron tree, there are forests of them in fact and the only way of detecting the trail was crushed ladybird beetles in the leaf litter, indicating others had passed that way before.

Rhododendron forest.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Barley Harvest Ballinbreich North Fife

Combine on the barley harvest yesterday at Ballinbreich, the weather was good and indeed the field was finished before the night rain. Notice the shredded straw exiting the back end as opposed to whole straw which would be baled. This method helps to keep the soil in better condition by returning some of the nutrients.

River Tay Sunset September 3rd 2011

More amazing cloud formations and colour over the River Tay North Fife at sunset.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Stoney Stanton Road Coventry

Broadgate tram on Stoney Stanton Road Coventry at the junction of St Pauls Road. Route 6 and tram 22 purchased from Wigan in 1905 by Coventry Electric Tramways. The whole area has now been rebuilt, how times have changed.

An Edwardian procession taken from the upper floor of the Chemists, commemorating something that was before my time. Notice the side saddle riders and throngs in attendance. If you know what it was all about, please comment.

Photographs copyright.

Learn World Calligraphy [Paperback]

Learn World Calligraphy [Paperback]
Renowned calligrapher and prolific author Margaret Shepherd provides a calligraphy instructional text unlike any other. This comprehensive, unparalleled 192-page volume covers virtually all the world's writing systems, ranging from Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Mongolian, Tibetan, Thai and Indian scripts to the alphabets of our earliest ancestors in Africa and the Americas. The book features Shepherd's exquisite hand-drawn illustrations, gorgeous full-colour examples of both traditional and modern calligraphic designs, plus modern materials and projects. Readers will also learn how the basics of each exotic script can be applied to the English alphabet in order to create readable calligraphy with a foreign flair.

The above art piece called "The Heart of Emptiness" by Tashi Mannox is amongst others of Tashi's works that are illustrated within the Tibetan Calligraphy section of the book.
The ‘written’ script represents a language, and a language represents thought. Therefore, one must be able to write a script that is understandable to all, that the meaning of the word is best honoured as a beautiful art form called calligraphy. This is the integrity of the written language and the preservation of the knowledge that it upholds. Tashi Mannox 2011.
Tashi undertakes Calligraphy Workshops from time to time.

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To Buy now. .Learn World Calligraphy