Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nepal Trekking

Nepal. Along the trail from Pokhara to Annapurna, Being a long trek up and down mountainsides there are resting places often shaded by a tree. The only way anyone or anything gets to these remote places in the Himalaya foot hills is to walk it, an ambulance is a basket on someone's back. Through exertion and altitude dehydration is a problem, fortunately water can be collected from streams and along the way teashops provide sweet milky tea. I remember not having a pee for several days and when the moment came there was a torrent of opaque black urine, what a detox! A fellow traveller rests awhile.

Bridge along the trail.

Rhododendron flowers backed by misty Annapurna peaks.

Rhododendron tree, there are forests of them in fact and the only way of detecting the trail was crushed ladybird beetles in the leaf litter, indicating others had passed that way before.

Rhododendron forest.

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