Thursday, September 01, 2011

Learn World Calligraphy [Paperback]

Learn World Calligraphy [Paperback]
Renowned calligrapher and prolific author Margaret Shepherd provides a calligraphy instructional text unlike any other. This comprehensive, unparalleled 192-page volume covers virtually all the world's writing systems, ranging from Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Mongolian, Tibetan, Thai and Indian scripts to the alphabets of our earliest ancestors in Africa and the Americas. The book features Shepherd's exquisite hand-drawn illustrations, gorgeous full-colour examples of both traditional and modern calligraphic designs, plus modern materials and projects. Readers will also learn how the basics of each exotic script can be applied to the English alphabet in order to create readable calligraphy with a foreign flair.

The above art piece called "The Heart of Emptiness" by Tashi Mannox is amongst others of Tashi's works that are illustrated within the Tibetan Calligraphy section of the book.
The ‘written’ script represents a language, and a language represents thought. Therefore, one must be able to write a script that is understandable to all, that the meaning of the word is best honoured as a beautiful art form called calligraphy. This is the integrity of the written language and the preservation of the knowledge that it upholds. Tashi Mannox 2011.
Tashi undertakes Calligraphy Workshops from time to time.

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