Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bramley Apples

Bramley Apples. It's a true saying, "An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away"
The Bramley apple is probably one of the best cooking apples in the world and if left on the tree long enough can be an excellent eating apple too.

Bramley apples are a powerful source of antioxidants, including polyphenols, flavonoids, and vitamin C, as well as a good source of fibre, and potassium.
One large apple has 5.7 grams of fibre. Fibre aids digestion and gives a feeling of fullness when eating. Diets that are high in fibre have been highly correlated with a reduction in the risk of developing heart disease.
The antioxidant content of apples has been linked to the prevention of lung cancer, improved pulmonary (lung) function, and the prevention of type II diabetes.
The vitamin A helps maintain vision and keeps your immune system healthy. Iron prevents anaemia and potassium keeps up muscle function.
Apples contain flavonoids called quercetin, which has been shown in numerous studies to have anti-cancer properties.

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About the Author
Monty Don is one of Britain's leading garden writers and broadcasters. He has presented numerous gardening programmes on television including a five year stint as lead presenter of BBC's Gardener's World and Around the World in 80 Gardens. He has published 12 books including The Complete Gardener, The Jewel Garden (with his wife Sarah) and Growing Out of Trouble which describes his attempts to establish a small holding growing organic vegetables with local drug addicts. He was gardening correspondent for the Observer for 12 years and now writes for the Daily Mail. He is an organic farmer as well as gardener and is President of The Soil Association. Sarah Don is a designer and worked with her husband, Monty, to set up their successful jewellery company 'Monty Don'. Since moving to Herefordshire, she has combined bringing up three children with training as an architect. She has created more than four gardens with Monty and is currently involved in setting up and running an organic farm.
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