Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Energy Saving Week 25-31 October 2010

Energy Saving Week 25-31 October 2010

Loads of links and connections to help you save lots of money.

It's here! Finally! Energy Saving Week has begun! It's now officially time to take control of your energy saving habits – and the Energy Saving Trust is here to help you!

Before we get into the nitty, gritty of what's happening this Week I want to tell you about our amazing eco-fit your home prize draw – your chance to win £20,000 worth of Energy Saving Trust Recommended products!

The lucky winner will grab themselves:

* Up to £5,000 worth of windows.
* Insulation and its installation – including loft, pipe and cavity wall.
* A new energy efficient boiler – and a set of house and home heating controls!
* An energy efficient dishwasher, washing machine, fridge freezer, television – and mains controller panel, kettle, printer and pack of LED light bulbs!

All you need to do to win all this great stuff, and give your home an eco-makeover, is request a call back from one of our advisors about an energy saving or generating topic of your choice - whether that's loft insulation, or solar panels.

As you know the Energy Saving Trust is totally impartial and not trying to flog you anything (other than advice!) so you have nothing to lose!

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