Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pottery Clay and Glazes North Fife

On seeing a few local potters recently I was minded of my own past in the production of ceramics. My time was influenced by the leading craft potters, Bernard Leach, Micheal Cardew, Lucie Rie and others, joining their rank and then moving sideways to other crafts. All of below were fired at 1280c, near the limit of the clays, truly vitrified and some in a reduction firing.

A few stem pots with various glazes and oxide applications, all stimulated by Daniel Rhodes's publication Clay and glazes.

Self portrait, jack in the box on a car front suspension spring and large container, all in stoneware, painted oxides, gold and silver leaf.

Stoneware vase 40 cms high 10% iron glaze with applied iron oxide.

Glazed fireclay bowl 45 cms diameter with hollow fixed spheres and iron oxide highlights.

Clay and Glazes for the Potter.

Daniel Rhodes is an impeccable reference source for the subject(s). Written nearly fifty years ago, this revised edition (1973) has been continuously reprinted and is absolutely indispensable for both professional and amateur potters alike. It goes right from basics to the details of specialised techniques and materials by way of in depth explanations, always given in plain English. A chemistry degree is not required to read this book but the information it contains is exhaustive. Definitely a must buy. I used an earlier edition in my student days, it is truly brilliant. In my time I had to resort to working out molecular formulas using log tables, these days the process will be much easier using calculators. One can create glazes of almost any colour, finish, fit and firing temperature.
Ones palette can be enormous.
As a potter treat yourself. Clay and Glazes for the Potter

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