Thursday, September 13, 2007

North Fife Accommodation Parkhill Newburgh Scotland

Parkhill Mill in the process of being converted into residential accommodation. A few years ago I roamed the interior which still retained the working parts of a flour mill. Shovels and other implements were all made of wood, beautifully hand crafted in the adjoining workshop. Normal metal tools etc were avoided because of the explosive nature of flour dust which easily ignites with sparks.


Anonymous said...

ye that was and still is a good farm i help out there it has changed alot we saved wood from the mill that the workers were ripping out we saved them because they had name on them of the workers that once worked in the mill. the workers have destroyed the piecfulness of the farm by taking down the grain drier and the hay shed. but the farmer is still going to keep farming and hiss sons and daughter are hopefuly going to take it over in a few years. if you want to know more give me an E-mail my E-mail is

Anonymous said...

my maiden name was Parkhill...we are unsure if my family came from your area or not..if plans work out,my husband and I may visit your area in the Spring...all the way from there accommodation in the vicinity