Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Insects of Britain and Northern Europe

For those of you who have children and or are interested in insect life may wish to study and identify further. This book, Insects of Britain and Northern Europe will inform.
Covering 240 species of insect and other invertebrates that are commonly found in Britain and northern Europe, Wild Guide Insects is the perfect introductory guide to 'creepy-crawlies'. For everyone who is wild about nature, this is the latest title in the Collins Wild Guide series that is ideal for adult beginners as well as young people of 11+. The illustrations: each species of insect is illustrated with a stunning full-colour photograph. Additional artwork may also show eggs, larvae or other useful identification features The text: is split into sections making the information accessible at a glance. The main text on each species includes information on distribution, habitat and reproduction. The ID Fact File: presents identification features for quick and easy reference. Similar species are cross referenced to ensure correct identification.

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