Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wild Primrose Earth Day North Fife

Wild Primrose Primula vulgaris, as recorded on Earth Day, a woodland plant. It flowers in early spring, one of the earliest spring flowers in much of Europe. ("Primrose" is ultimately from Old French primerose or medieval Latin prima rosa, meaning "first rose".) In appropriate conditions, it can cover the ground in open woods and shaded hedgerows. Here in North Fife April seems to be the month. In more populated areas it has sometimes suffered from over-collection and theft so that few natural displays of primroses in abundance can now be found. To prevent excessive damage to the species, picking of primroses or the removal of primrose plants from the wild is illegal in many countries, e.g. the UK (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Section 13, part 1b).
Wild Primrose North Fife

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