Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mushrooms North Fife

Are they edible? It may be helpful to have definitive guide as in the recommended book below.
Fungi in Tentsmuir Forest North Fife. The Forest and along the fife coast abounds in fungi some edible some hallucinogenic and some poisonous. I recommend the book below so as not to get them mixed up.
This an example of Flyagaric, can be eaten and tested once maybe for its effects, thereafter it is toxic to the liver and is best ingested as the urine from a Reindeer who love it, whereby the toxic alkaloids are removed if you happen to have both handy, Shamans partake to induce trance.
Fully illustrated throughout, this practical guide to identifying edible mushrooms gives you all the details you need to enjoy the adventure of locating and collecting wild mushrooms. The book features all edible species of mushroom, together with those with which they may be confused. Organised by habitat for easy reference, it is beautifully illustrated and includes the best ways to cook and eat the mushrooms you collect. Main species are illustrated in their relevant habitat, and key features are described in detail. 'Lookalikes' are shown alongside the main species, and additional illustrations indicate how they differ. Calendar bars indicating at what time of year you can expect to see each mushroom along with an annotated cross-section giving accurate measurements make identification easier. How to Identify Edible Mushrooms.


quietasamouse said...
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quietasamouse said...

Sorry - messed up the last post!

To advise that Fly Agaric "can be eaten and tested once" is irresposible.

Though many Fly Agaric contain little of the active poisons Muscimol (Agarin, Pantherine) & Muscarine, some can have large amounts.

From Wikipedia - "The symptoms of poisoning, depending on habitat and the amount ingested per body weight, can range from nausea and twitching to drowsiness, cholinergic effects (low blood pressure, sweating and salivation), auditory and visual distortions, mood changes, euphoria, relaxation, and loss of equilibrium. Retrograde amnesia frequently results following recovery.
In cases of serious poisoning it causes a delirium, characterized by bouts of marked agitation with confusion, hallucinations, and irritability followed by periods of central nervous system depression. Seizures and coma may also occur in severe poisonings. Effects typically appear after around 30 to 90 minutes and peak within three hours, but certain effects can last for a number of days."

You say shamans use it to induce a trance, & that is / was true, & it is no co-incidence that Reindeer can 'fly'.