Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sir Menzies Campbell North East Fife

Sir Menzies Campbell MP, for North East Fife and ex leader of the Liberal Democrat Party has been forced to resign. Why is this? As I see it there is today a culture of impatience and ageism. There was a time when politicians were really valued for their integrity and perception of what was needed for the nation as a whole. Today the ambitious young bucks vie for power supported by background spin doctors, speech writers and such to obtain popular support but not following through as proposed. It’s little wonder that that most people are indifferent about voting. Sir Menzies is of the old school that has the benefit longer life experience, giving rise to wisdom. Since starting this blog I has twice bumped into Sir Menzies at public events Ceres Highland Games, and Tay River Boat Races where he was freely mingling (forgive the pun) with his constituents, Relaxed, friendly and very approachable. I think a sad day for the Liberal Democrat Party. You may think differently, feel free to comment.

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