Monday, July 07, 2014

Sunrise Flisk North Fife July 7th

At this time of the year night time is short. Last night as I lay in bed there were some really beautiful cloud formations and I havered over getting up and recording the spectacle, with regret I remained and fell asleep.
A few hours later I awoke to another wonderful sky, by the time I was clothed and outside it had changed of course but it was fabulous light anyway.

Looking NE the sun rising over Dundee.

 Looking North over The River Tay and exposed sand banks.

Hedge Parsley and Daisies in the morning light, the parsley crawling with beetles feeding on the pollen.
These photographs were taken over 5 minuets at 04.50 ... 0455 BST . I might get up early again as the light though quickly changing has a more interesting quality.

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