Monday, June 22, 2009

RAF Leuchars North Fife

RAF Leuchars lies 12 miles due East of my home at Flisk North Fife. Today I heard the unmistakable thum thum thum thum of a helicopter, low and approaching, time to gather my camera, go outside and take a shot. Camera only, could have been an R P G and that's how vulnerable these aggressive and expensive lumps of metal are. Troop and ordinance carriers which appear whenever there is conflict to practice the way of war. Hostility can never be good, violence begets violence, far better to plough the massive funds into saving the world and life in all its forms than destroying it. Peace begets peace, love begets love, compassion begets, within we all know these are better options.

Obscene war machine. For some they hold a fascination, the power and complexity, visit where they dwell and tick them off like others do of train numbers say or birds or postage stamps. What a weird species we are. A progression of slings and arrows. For you the book below may be of use.

Then physically it was past but for me not the notion of what it represents.

A pocket guide to combat helicopters, this text provides briefings on every type in service or about to enter service. Included are individual entries for all versions and variants as well as their missiles, bombs and rockets.Modern Military Helicopters (Jane's Pocket Guides)

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