Sunday, June 07, 2009

Newburgh North Fife Fun Day June 7th

It,s quite possible I haven't come across all entrants, I do know that one at a bus stop in a previous post disappeared, maybe caught the bus, who knows. Anyway, fantastic art and personal projection.

The winning bride and groom at Newburgh Parish Church take the prize of £100 in a spectacular, creative and sure to be repeated community event.

A trike made for two.

To be pushed along.

On the River Tay, hanging out as one does.

Tatie Bogle at the Yacht club.


Mc Tarton drumming for a Teddybear picnic and swallow.

Pipe Major Mc Crow doing his stuff.

Military interests in North Fife.

Work wanted of a kind.

Newburgh primary School.

Rugby Scotland.

Retired in the way that we do.

It's not uncommon to be headless in Newburgh, more frequently legless.

Fishing, not far from the river.

Mary Queen of Scots.

Fairy in Shuttlefield, just hanging out.

Umpire at the bowling green.

Safety first, you may know if you have a straw allergy.

Sun bathing.

At rest on a bicycle top of Clinton Street Newburgh.

Hedge hopping while the children play.

At Play in Clinton Street.

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