Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fun Day Newburgh North Fife 2009

Funday Newburgh North Fife 2009. Again Lindores Abbey ruins were made available for an annual community event. It supports and reflects the emerging sense of belonging in a place. Much of what I do is part of that too. To those who are interested,any photograph is available as a high resolution print on archive quality paper.

The procession from the top park arrives at Lindores Abbey Ruins led by pipers.

Family arrivals dressed appropriately for participation along with the throng.

Parade arrivals for Fun Day.

Waving the flag for Scotland, Blackearnside history conscious members happily join the throng.

The Broons. A much loved and followed comic strip on parade.


Photos by Zoe said...

you missed the prime photo opportunities from the cherry spitting competition!

Peter Mannox said...

Och, I know, there are always missed opportunities. How many times have you seen and then thought you would shoot later. Gone, for ever. Click.