Friday, June 05, 2009

Pitmedden Forest North Fife June 2009

Pitmedden Forest North Fife June 2009, From time to time I like to escape from the hurly-burly of Newburgh and spend an hour or so in quiet solitude and just take in the richness of the woods.

This was my view to the West and below to the East.

Larch flowers, quite beautiful and resplendent with this years new needle growth.

Sitting still, hearing birdsong, the movement of the trees and a visitor like this over wintered Painted Lady butterfly, a wee bit worn but probably about 9 months old.

In more open ground by the tracks there are many wild flowers like this plantain and below.

Young pine trees, broom bushes, willow herb, all natural regeneration.

Rowan flowers on a sapling mountain ash.

Back in Newburgh more exotic flowers thrive, like these Himalaya poppies in a garden situation.

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