Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Newburgh Scarecrows North Fife

Today in Newburgh North Fife as indicated in the last post, I had a wander about to find scarecrows. Folk Art at some of its best, spontaneous creative sculptures with scarecrow being the theme and to my mind quite equal and valid as lauded fine art. Full of wit, aptness and ingenuity, very much a community project helped by a prize of £100-00 for the adjudged winner. Not a bad incentive though the focus is on Fun.

Leaning against the wall (as many have over the years) of the just reopened Ship Bar and Restaurant. A refurbishment and enlargement to a very high standard in design, fittings and decor.

Lindores Abbey ruins.

Horses for courses.

Last Orders north fife with one man and his dog went to blow away the meadow even when weak at the knees.

Anonymous Laing museum goer.

A striking reminder of the Odd Fellows March at Hogmanay.

The buses do arrive eventually.

Entering Newburgh from the East on the Boundary Road.

You see it all.

An angelic presentation at the Tayside Institute. I thought the theme was scarecrows?

Twist and Fibre inviting interest in loot.

Could this be a self portrait in Shuttlefield. Forgive me if I'm right but it is in fun.

This is the old lady who lived in a shoe and didn't know what to..... except scarecrows.

Stop by at Hatters and you could be Alice in Wonderland.

Fiona expressing her sentiments.

Newburgh High Street chimney sweep at it.

Someone hanging out at the memorial fountain.
There are bound to be others I've not seen but it's self evident that the impact on crows will be minimal though the Jackdaws are less noisy and who knows.


Slow said...

Im sitting in my lounge in New Zealand, remembering the times we had back in Newburgh. I always knew there were some strange folk and a few dummy's living in Newburgh!!! but good on ya Newburgh, wish I was there walking through the streets checking all the crows out.

Peter Mannox said...

Hi, Slow in New Zealand, I see you ken.