Thursday, June 18, 2009

David Mathieson North Fife

Tonight on the way home I stopped to record this intensely bright rainbow over Parkhill Newburgh North Fife. I met and was challenged to a race uphill to Black Earnside Lay-by. David Mathieson was on his new carbon fibre framed racing bike practising for the cycle races at the Newburgh Highland Games to be held this Saturday. Now, I'm driving so I hovered behind out of respect.

This is David approaching the summit with the other end of the now fading rainbow. I would think an auspicious omen for the games.

David only slightly out of puff after his fourth run this evening.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Peter,what an expensive bike for a Scotsman. If you happen to see David again, please give our friend greetings from Poperinge (Belgium). (Gilbert,Bernadette & Dieter)