Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poppy North Fife

Today at Flisk north Fife the weather forecast was for very heavy downpours of rain and perhaps hail also. In the event all around experienced such but not here. The light was strong, almost too much.

Poppy North Fife. In the garden which is semi maintained are various wild and cultivated flowers. Amongst is this poppy, so vibrant, almost unreal.

Another view of the wild garden situation and poppies. Poppies, an extraordinary plant, one that produces opiates as well as visual beauty. In the nineteenth century before there were any Drug offences or even the concept of, Artists, Writers, Poets, Visionaries and the lucky were able to experience the mind expansion as well as valuable medicinal properties that these and other natural products allow without breaking the law.

A reader explains:- The tone of the piece, with a light, deft touch, moulded a book full of reverence for a plant used by people since time immemorial. A slim, but fact-filled and opinions given, much shared by me, personally about the politics about the simple facts of plant chemistry. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, I believe, so is evil. And, in reality, there is no evil. Earth is paradise, with water, plants, and animals and we're all here to live and grow here together.--Loved the book! Opium for the masses. Opium for the Masses: A Practical Guide to Growing Poppies and Making Opium

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