Friday, June 19, 2009

Boat Races Newburgh 2009

The annual coble boat races held at Newburgh North Fife. This year the water was at low tide, a fast current and head wind making it very hard and gruelling work improving as time went by till slack water near the end producing some very good races.

The starting gunshot.

getting in line for the start.

The fist heat was particularly hard work.

Spectators enjoy the spectacle.

Spectators from the waterline.

Cruising in at the final.

Phew, the hard work shows.

Exhausting stuff.

Comrades in arms support each other.

The pleasure of having done shows.

Jubilation at the finish.

Slight disappointment.

Blood sweat and ouch.

Put it there.



Race winners with Trophy.

Fastest heat winners with Trophy.

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