Friday, March 04, 2011

You Can be as Young as You Think: Six Steps to Staying Younger and Feeling Sharper

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You Can Be As Young As You Think
Six Steps to Staying Younger and Feeling Sharper.
Do you have an ‘old’ brain or a ‘young’ brain?

Think carefully, because how you answer this important question could be one of the most significant predictors of how well you’ll live the rest of your life.

In this fast-moving, fast-changing world, it is important that we remain vital, relevant and useful. Growing old gracefully, where physically and mentally we quietly fade into obscurity, is no longer an option and the expectation that we will stay younger for longer has never been greater.

A ‘young’ brain is the antidote to ageing and You Can Be As Young As You Think shows you exactly you how you can get one.

Through six easy-to-follow and life-changing steps, you’ll find out that ageing is all in the mind and discover how, by developing a younger brain, you can live a more fulfilled, rewarding, successful and happy life.

The book contains an enlightening Brain Age Calculator which will examine your thinking and reveal the true age of your brain, often with surprising, and very thought-provoking results!

Then the authors will take you step-by-step through the principles behind their Six Wisdoms of Youth and coach you in systematically training your brain to think and feel young.
The great thing too is that it doesn’t matter how old you are now for this exciting programme to revolutionise your life. If you’re young then this book will stop you from ever developing those mental cobwebs that will slow you down and clog up your brain. If you’re middle-aged and worrying you’re already becoming out of touch, the book will quickly stop the rot and help you rediscover the younger you. And if you’re older and maybe wish you weren’t, this book will help you rejuvenate, revitalise and reignite your mind so you can live out your years with exuberance, excitement and youthful vigour.
A wonderful opportunity to reset habits of mind.
This book has had many glowing positive reviews. To buy now. You Can be as Young as You Think: Six Steps to Staying Younger and Feeling Sharper

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